Intriguing Facts About Jamaica!

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**~~~** FOR EXAMPLE: DID YOU KNOW? that Port Royal in Jamaica was once labeled 'The wickedest city on Earth'? Better yet, that Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway- even before the United States! and, [listen to this] that the Jamaican and Libyan flags are the ONLY flags in the world that doesn't share any of the colors of the American flag? Well, now you know. But there are many more facts about Jamaica that will marvel you!. Intriguing, fascinating and thrilling! This 101 'did you know' facts about Jamaica book feature these and more of the most insightful and captivating information about the island. From Nature and Culture, to Politics, Sports & Society. This little resource is the only of its kind. "As a Jamaican I am almost ashamed to see how much of your information was new to me. I kept on reading straight through once I started. I wanted to find what else I didn't know about our fabulous little island....

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Time For Tables PC Games - Learn Multiplication Facts

Learning times tables has never been so much fun with Time for Tables' original multiplication games and exercises. Help your kids to master their tables in a fun, non-violent and interactive atmosphere.

Interactive Games Learn Tables Area - Interactive Chart Interactive Worksheets Track Progress with Charts/Reports Printable Flash Cards Accuracy/Speed Tests Adjustable Difficulty Levels Times Tables is the building block for many other areas of mathematics and, without a solid understanding of this in the early school years, a child may struggle with math right throughout his or her education. >> Read more... "I have used your times tables software and found it have helped both my children and me tremendously"  - Tracy Smith, South Africa...

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Select Schools (canada.

My latest Summary of Sweet Spots for Public and Catholic Schools in York Region  Free - Just download and print

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South African History File Folder Projects

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Traditionally, school children create theme books about the various people groups of southern Africa, but as homeschooling moms and teachers, we have realized that for younger children, even with help and supervision, this can be quite an overwhelming task. We have created these history file folder projects (lapbooks) to create convenient, printable mini-booklets for children to compile into a theme unit. All the relevent reference material, instructions as well as templates to print and cut are provided. Doing projects are great fun when they are linked to your children’s topic of study and not just done for the sake of having something to show others. Lapbooks get children colouring, cutting, folding and narrating all at the same time as you create an easy-to-store and-display folder related to their studies. Sample pictures of South African History file folder projects...

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