A Story Of The Future, Which Imagines How The World Could Change!

In many ways, this has been instigated by a few pioneers through their bold and brave words, thoughts and actions which spread far, like the ripples of raindrops falling on water. Linorio was one such pioneer.

Copyright Jann DiPaolo. 2015 All rights reserved.  Like Raindrops on Water is a glimpse into the future where the world had seen many changes. Thoughts, ideas, cultures and ways of life have changed for the good of all. A revolution has taken place. But instead of a revolution of shooting and violence, it was a change of heart and a change in thinking....

Loewenstein Books

Never take anything for granted In achieving success, you have the people who started from nothing and didn’t do anything to change their situations, like the people on occupy Wall St., then you have the people who saw whatever little opportunity they had and made the most of it. Achieving success is more than an idea, it is a state of mind. Although success is relative to each individual, the key to achieving success is the demeanor in which you go about living your life and taking advantage of opportunities that come to you. Never take anything for granted when it comes to achieving success.Learn how to make the most of the situations that are presented to you.  Have an open mind when it comes to understanding new technologies out there. You don’t want to end up being considered old just because you can’t keep up with the technology. “Your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”...

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New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries By Craig Stephen Copland

Home About the Author Books About Sherlock Holmes SearchAll New Mysteries Solved by the World’s Most Famous Detective

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Able To Prove God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Bible To Be Fact!!!

Read this book and you will know how to prove the existence of God and the Jesus Christ while proving Islam as a false prophesied religion through the Holy Bible and historical facts!!!

The Unknown Known Secrets -Everybody including kids will love this novel of suspense. Crooked CIA agents are determined to destroy  a young boy. These agents are actually Satan’s emissaries sent to kill the boy. The powers of evil  must prevent him from growing up to achieve great feats in God’s kingdom. Interwoven in the exciting  plot are proofs of the existence of God and the reality of Jesus Christ. Readers will also learn important teachings of Korean and Asian history, facts about secret Free Masons, how street gangs work, and how to recognize  government conspiracies. There is a lot of valuable stuff in this novel written for Everyone!  ....

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Coolbeat Audiobooks

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Ratgeber - In 3 Tagen Zum Pilzzuchtprofi!

Magic Mushrooms | Zauberpilze anbauen | Zauberpilze | Ratgeber | Psilos züchten | Zauberpilz I Anbauen I Züchten I Ebook Wollen Sie professionell Pilze züchten ?

Zusätzlich half ich über 6 Jahre durch Seminare und Schulungen Menschen den Einstig in dieses faszinierende Thema zu erleichtern, und die Erträge und die Wirksamkeit des Endproduktes bei professionellen Züchtern stetig zu verbessern. Da ich der hohen Nachfrage nach Schulungen und Seminaren nicht mehr gerecht werden konnte, habe ich nach einer Lösung gesucht mein Wissen einer größeren Menge an Interessenten zukommen zu lassen…  Ich schrieb das E-Book „In 3 Tagen zum Pilzzuchtprofi“....

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Spear Of Seth

If Indiana Jones met Nikola Tesla... "The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla" arrives. Available NOW. Click on the image to download (as a pdf file) The Last Secret of Nikola Tesla, a fantasy and adventure novel. Only $3.49.

Description: King Solomon may have built a mighty Temple, but he could never do so without his Seal. With it, he could command demons to do his bidding. The King is long dead, but what happened to his Seal? An inquiring and utterly unscrupulous alchemist wants to know. If he gets the Seal, he could do… a lot of things. He could become a king, an emperor and perhaps even save himself from a fate worse than death. To get the Seal, he gets a helper. You may have met him. His name is Alex Khyan and he told you about his adventures in the Tales of The Van Senmut College,   in Spear of Seth and The Last Secret Of Nikola Tesla. If you ever wondered what happened before he went to seek the Spear of Seth and how he got his adventure-avoiding attitude, read the Homunculus And The Seal Of Solomon....

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