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Movingguide 101

We like this video by Allison Anderson that guides you through decluttering your closet. You can use it… [...]

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Wedding Speeches Hq

Struggling to write a speech? It's The Biggest Day Of Their Lives So Make It Memorable For The Right Reasons! Calm those nerves. It's never too late to write a killer wedding toast!

Here at Wedding Speeches HQ, my e-books give you instant access to: professional notes on the art of writing speeches insights into how to master speech delivery research updates for both  public speaking and speech writing first-hand experiences that show you what to expect streamlined guides for humorous, sincere, and original speeches All designed to give you the best speech-giving experience yet! It's Really This Simple Select the speech structure you need Personalize your speech with your own details The structures are already error-free – just print and go! One Size Does Not Suit All! What kind of speech suits you? Just like the bridal gown, one speech style does not suit all speech-givers. My customizable templates offer a range of speech styles to choose from. So you can be sure there's a style to suit your personality!...

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Radiant Heat.

For Radiant Heat? Installing Radiant Heating in Your Home is a BIG Investment.

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Selling Your Home With Top Feng Shui Tips

The Quick Fix eBook to Selling YOUR Home The easy to follow guide to selling your home faster and easier!

Post And Beam Building Plans & Guide

Now you can build your own Post & Beam Buildings ranging in size from 6' x 8' to 12' x 24' and any size in

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Satellite Installer Professional

No one should have to wait on hold to talk to technical support and then troubleshoot for hours over the phone just to have them tell you they need to send out a technician.

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Margarita Mind How To Buy A Home In Mexico

By Susan Fogel This is a long article, but a must read if you are in the process of buying a home in Mexico

The La Paz/Baja California Sur Multiple Listing Service Thursday, 31. October 2013 10:00 | Author:Susan A True Story for Sellers to Heed It happened in La Paz just a few weeks ago, and it is about the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). I have several nice properties in El Centenario and El Comitan. My colleagues make jokes about how I live in the desert, the boonies, or “way out there”. I invited them to see my properties and they said things like “some day”, “it’s a good idea” or “the next time I’m in your area I’ll make an appointment to see your properties.” Others said if they had buyers for my properties they would be sure to show them. In other words, no one was going to make the effort to drive a mere 20 minutes even to see beach front and beach community homes, even though beachfront and beach view homes are in high demand even in this recovering market....

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Children Playhouse Plan

The assembly instructions are delivered as a PDF file to download.

In order to prevent misunderstandings, we should first emphasize the fact that you are only purchasing the assembly instructions for the play house and not the actual house itself! Furthermore, these extensive instructions describe the construction of the wooden stilt house shown in the pictures with the short stilts, like the blue house shown. The additional pictures in the gallery of the house with longer stilts are variations of the described play house with children’s slide, sandpit and ladder. These pictures have been provided by customers who have purchased the construction manual for the play house and who have modified the house to their own specifications. These images are for illustration purposes only. The attached wood and cutting list refers to the stilt house with the short stilts! The 40-page instruction manual for the wooden play house for children was developed and optimized over a lengthy period by a qualified civil engineer, is protected by copyright and not available in this form for general purchase....

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