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Tales Behind The Nails

When I wrote this book, my Intention was to put my Impressions, Thoughts, Experiences and the whacky contractor world out there. I didn’t take allot of time to whittle down the edges and chop it up to be Politically correct. This eBook tells it like it is. It makes reference to contractors according to my particular Experience. I have been a Residential Contractor for over 30 Years This book was written with Humor as I would see it on the job. If you’re offended easily don’t buy it.   IN THIS eBOOK YOU WILL LEARN The Difference between the Handyman and the Licensed Contractor Why a License is Important Why Insurance is Important or not What to Expect when a Contractor comes over to give you an Estimate Sign up here for free, to see worst contractor stories...

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How To Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun And Profit

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How To Build Your Own Vertical Garden

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Vertical Garden, Patrick Blanc ShanghaiQ: How do people call vertical gardens? A:There are several names for Vertical gardens, such as Green Wall, Vegetal Wall, Living Wall, Bio Wall and Plant Wall. To keep it simple, I mainly use Vertical Garden and Green wall....

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Dog Separation Anxiety Trainer

Before you can determine if YOUR dog has dog separation anxiety, let’s look at some of the symptoms:

I'm sure you know the symptoms: your dog whines or barks constantly. Your dog tears up furniture, chews through drywall, damages your possessions and goes after almost anything within reach. And it happens when you leave your dog at home – all alone. You’re At Your Wit’s End – But Don’t Give Up Yet! Believe it or not, your dog may be suffering a clinical condition called dog separation anxiety . It’s the same separation anxiety that children go through when they leave home to start attending school, or when parents go off to work and leave the child with a baby sitter or at day care....

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Accelerated Dog Training Health Grooming

Is your Dog driving you crazy? Are You ready for the Psych Ward?

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Golden Retriever Care And Training

What Every Golden Retriever Owner Should Know… How You Can Keep Your Golden Retriever Healthy, Happy and Obedient! From the desk of

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Siberian Forest Cats As Pets

Are you thinking of getting a Siberian Cat or Kitten?

loyal companions. Their intelligence and problem-solving ability make them wonderful family cats. Siberian Cats and Kittens possess many truly lovable qualities and which makes them a wonderful family pet. Owning and raising a Siberian Cat or Kitten is easy to do and very rewarding as they make a warm, friendly and loving pet. If you have seen the cute, cuddly Siberian Kittens in pet stores you may have been intrigued with the tiny and lovable creatures and want one for your own! They really are cute and loveable creatures with their little paws wanting to bat and play. They are really fun to watch as run and play with toys or yarn. Siberian Cats and Kittens are easy to care for pets, and can be a joy to your family. Being a Siberian Cat and Kitten owner is a unique experience and is very rewarding to cat lovers everywhere. Siberian Cats and Kittens can be easily housetrained.  Many Siberian Cat and Kitten pet owners simply enjoy playing and cuddling with them and can adapt to traveling so you can take them with you....

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