Margarita Mind How To Buy A Home In Mexico

By Susan Fogel This is a long article, but a must read if you are in the process of buying a home in Mexico

The La Paz/Baja California Sur Multiple Listing Service Thursday, 31. October 2013 10:00 | Author:Susan A True Story for Sellers to Heed It happened in La Paz just a few weeks ago, and it is about the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). I have several nice properties in El Centenario and El Comitan. My colleagues make jokes about how I live in the desert, the boonies, or “way out there”. I invited them to see my properties and they said things like “some day”, “it’s a good idea” or “the next time I’m in your area I’ll make an appointment to see your properties.” Others said if they had buyers for my properties they would be sure to show them. In other words, no one was going to make the effort to drive a mere 20 minutes even to see beach front and beach community homes, even though beachfront and beach view homes are in high demand even in this recovering market....

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Full Time Work At Home Moms

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Home Seller's Blues - And How To Beat Them!

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