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High Converting Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

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Total Money Magnetism

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“Total Money Magnetism is jam-packed with rock solid advice that any success-driven person needs to get their hands on. The 5 fundamentals of money magnetism (part 2) lay an invaluable foundation to financial freedom, and the 10 secret success principles of the ultra wealthy (part 3) are proven rules all successful people live by....

Instant Self Hypnosis Audios For Weight Loss, 2 Stop Smoking, & More

This website contains all the information and audios you need to understand and start using self-hypnosis for stress relief or for your own personal growth and development (i.e. self-improvement)... right away! 

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Officially Launched Now! - "Best Gastric Banding Surgery At Home!" Member Login

It's an operation that happens tens of thousands times a year. But what makes this procedure unique is that none of it is real. It's all in Zega's mind. "My weight controlled my life," Zega, 47, said. "I was more a homebody. It probably prevented me from dating a lot and just doing everyday things." After the fake surgery about 10 months ago, Zega said she feels as though she actually has a band around her stomach. "Immediately after I left, I felt different," she said. "[The weight] felt like it melted off my body overnight. Yesterday was 10 months and I've lost 120 pounds. ... My mind controls what goes into my body."...

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Tame Your Brain!

Self help advice that guides you where YOU want to go!

A warm welcome to you! Thanks for coming to my blog. Please check out the form to the left, and fill it out so I can send you tips on how to succeed. My name is Jan Tincher. I am… Read more →...

Hypnotic Super Self

Free Motivation Tips: 3 Crucial Steps For Getting Your Lifestyle “Un-Stuck”

And Get More Motivated Today… Motivate your Self Esteem! The “word” Self Esteem is a mental trap. (Doesn’t it make you feel low just hearing it?) The truth is, if you’re well motivated, you will NEVER end up feeling down Motivate your Productivity! Self-motivation is very hard to generate, however, if you have something in your life that you are able and willing to work hard for, you will be able to motivate yourself to go for it. How to build Motivation passively! There are many ways that you can build motivation without even knowing it. This will allow you to turbo-charge your lifestyle like never before. Subscribe to my FREE Lifestyle Improvement Tips newsletter below and I’ll send you FREE coaching lessons about all 3 steps to get yourself “un-stuck.” Enter your name and email below, and you’ll have them in your e-mail box in just a few minutes…...

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Covert Hypnosis - Exposed

Professor of Mental Health Counseling, Long Island University Director Emeritus

You're not supposed to know about this but... "Master Hypnotist Reveals Forbidden Secret Of How To Control People's Minds (Without  Their Knowledge) And Make Them Obey Covert Commands During Normal Conversation!"   Best Part:   Subjects won't have a clue what's going on as you quickly and easily put them in a hypnotic trance... implant your specific suggestions... and...direct their thoughts and actions to do exactly what you want all while they are wide awake and talking with you... Keep reading to find out what the American Medical Association, the "Greatest Hypnotist of All Time"  and the current hypnosis establishment kept hidden under "lock and key" for decades and hoped you'd never discover......

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Create Spell-binding NLP & Hypnotic Language With Your PC

Identify how a person forms their own reality and what you can do to help them change Help a person change their beliefs

So get set for an illuminating ride, because if any of these ideas interest you, then I know you'll be excited with what I have to show you... And Here's why:   There’s A Big Problem with Learning NLP When I first started buying NLP books some twenty five years ago, I was so excited: Here were these two guys who were setting the world on fire with their ideas. I loved it. I wanted to do the same, so I bought every NLP book I could lay my hands on; But even though I understood the ideas, and could talk for hours about the subject, I still couldn’t do it. Not like my two “Hero’s” could. So I kept buying the books...   To get a real benefit from NLP takes Practice! In the end, I got frustrated with my lack of progress, and finally realized I’d have to go on an NLP training course: I booked in for a Two Day Introduction to NLP......

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