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HOW IT EFFECTS YOU? This information is valuable to know because it effects your daily life. You live in a democracy that is not really democracy but rather a controlled spread of wealth. Watch this video to gain true independence in life and be ready for action and have the knowledge, when the day of action comes. The Government is committing genocide and the genocide must be seen as genocide . How this effects your life? Anywhere from the DOW Jones taking a plunge to 8000 points in 2009 or the NATION going to a record high foreclosure level . You are a victim of your Government who takes your money and uses it to pay for their Genocidal actions ....

The Truth About Dalits

About The Dalits ▪ News ▪ Articles ▪ Who Are Dalits? ▪ Caste System in India ▪ Dalits Among The

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How To Rid Radiation From The Human Body

BEFORE IT STOPS YOU! What is Radiation?  Where Radiation Comes From   Symptoms of Radiation  Reduce Radiation  Download Book  Blog Want to protect yourself and your

Copyright © 1984 Michael Nichols "How to Rid Radiation from the Human Body" What is Radiation? Radiation is a broadly defined term meaning energy in motion. Heat, light, radio waves, microwaves and other sources are particles in motion. These particles are atomic in size, including electrons, and neutrons, that comprise the atom. When these particles are disrupted dangers of radioactivity may be emitted. Radioactivity occurs when the nucleus of an atom disintegrates either naturally or artificially induced by nuclear fission either controlled as in the nuclear energy industry or by the atomic bomb. Most radioactive materials emit three basic emissions-alpha, beta and gamma. Alpha rays are least harmful of the three. They can be stopped by a piece of paper. Beta rays can pass through wood. Gamma rays having the shortest wavelength can pass through concrete. To learn more about radiation, click here....

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