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Prenez La Parole En Public Sans Stress Et Faites Passer Vos Messages

Je suis maintenant capable de structurer mon discours et ne m’emmêle plus les pinceaux quand il s’agit de m’exprimer clairement.

« J’ai formé plus de 1000 personnes à la prise de parole en public et je vous promets des résultats immédiats : après avoir suivi ce cours vous aurez les techniques et les outils pour structurer votre message, pour être efficace et impactant et pour dire exactement ce que vous avez envie de dire. » 1 h de vidéo, des documents, des exercices ! Après le paiement, vous aurez accès à un lien pour vous permettre de commencer directement la formation ClickBank est le détaillant de ce produit. CLICKBANK® est une marque déposée de Click Sales, Inc., une société du Delaware située 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA et utilisée avec autorisation. Le rôle de ClickBank en tant que détaillant ne constitue ni n’implique l’endossement, l’approbation ou l’examen de ce produit, ou toute autre allégation, déclaration ou avis utilisé dans la promotion de ce produit. 40 EUR...

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Impacta A Tu Auditorio

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Build Your Speaking Business - Recurring Billing Program - Monthly Pay

Starting your own speaking business is perhaps THE best business model ever. Just think about the profound ultimate benefit -

Chris Livingston is the president and owner of Livingston Global, and is an experienced speaker, coach and trainer. Chris has served as the vice president of Education for Toastmasters, and has extensive knowledge and involvement in the Toastmasters and wider professional speaking community. Chris hosts a radio program on creating business success, heard throughout the nation. Chris deeply understands what it takes to develop lasting professional speaking success, and he’s helped advance the careers of countless speakers across the spectrum. With their combined training, coaching and speaking industry skills and experience, Richard and Chris are uniquely positioned to help new and emerging speakers launch their paid speaking business!...

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Conquer Public Speaking Fears - Right Now

If you want to find release from this crippling condition, honestly answer the following questions:

Turn your fear of public speaking into performance magic Are you one of millions over whom the fear of public speaking hangs like a death sentence? The US National Institute of Mental Health estimates 19.2 American adults–8.7 percent of the population–suffer from one or more phobias like fear of speaking in public. Every authentic, well-researched register of human fears lists this phobia right up there among our top terrors. The terror doesn’t apply to public speaking only. It affects millions who have to, or would like to act, play or perform but find the anticipation so stressful that it diminishes or even stymies their ability to function. Develop skill and confidence Are you prepared to believe that the most terrified victims of public performance phobia can overcome their horror? And that many go further, developing a skill and confidence that they would have thought impossible this side of the grave? For many, the dread of delivering even a short presentation to a handful of colleagues can induce life-changing restrictions....

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Transform Any Talk Into A Motivation Magnet

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without purpose. – Dr. Myles Munroe

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"Descubre Una Sencilla Pero Poderosa Técnica De Hipnosis Conversacional Para Antojar A Alguien De Hacer Algo"


Garantiza Tu Exito Con La Oratoria

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Public Speaking Secrets | Extraordinaire

You are tired of being outshined by people who seem to have a better way with words than you, and you often fall short in getting a job or a promotion

Today's Date Is Dear Friend, Forget everything you have been led to believe about public speaking. And forget what everyone else have told you, especially unhelpful opinions about yourself. If you have a strong desire to overcome stage fright, deliver high impact presentations that move your audience and convey your ideas more effectively, then keep reading. But if you want to stay in the comfort zone and continue walking in the shadows of other people, stay at the sidelines and watch your extrovert counterparts having the time of their life, I won't waste your time any further and I suggest you hit the BACK button. . . . Still with me? . . . GOOD! My name is Philip and believe it or not, I can feel your inner pain and turmoil right now. The fact that you're still on this page now is because you can probably identify yourself to any of these scenarios: You are afraid to speak up...

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