Sheet Metal Brake Plans For Your Workshop

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Complete step by step instruction for building your own brake. Plans include detailed materials list, drawings and lots of photos to guide you thru building a successful working sheet metal brake. The materials needed to build this tool can be purchased at your local steel distributor for under $50....

Offshore Corporations, Banking & Investments

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Have you ever wanted a saving system that is protected from the government and outside companies or people trying to access what you have spent years accumulating. Do you believe that some government organizations have the ability to seize your assets? Do you want to make money investing in stocks or have your foreign company not pay taxes to the country it is located. Have you ever wished that you could be one of the people that want total asset protection and have an Interest rate that is 1% per month? That is 12% per year to you banker people, PS this is one of the low risk investments, most are in the 16% to 20% range. Investment outside the USA are higher than here! If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place!...

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The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual

Advantages/disadvantages for 4 different heating systems including free solar options. Find out the best method for productive cricket production. Learn the thermodynamic principles for efficient heat conservation.

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Fiction Jackpot Secrets

"Writers: Have You Ever Wanted To See Your Novel In Print?" Now you can, without the endless maze of obstacles faced by other "would-be authors"! From the desk of: Jenna Sayles

Date: Tuesday 8:30 am Have you ever wanted to be a published writer? Perhaps you always wanted to write a book, but didn’t know where to start. Or perhaps you have an idea for the next blockbuster, but don’t know the first step involved in getting it to a publisher. The process can seem overwhelming, if you don’t know where to start. Well, I’m here today to share some good news with you. I am about to reveal the fastest, most lucrative method of getting published. Imagine! Picture yourself, with a physical product to share with the world: your ebook. That’s right: An ebook, with your very own name on it, sharing your creation with the world. Imagine selling these books for money. Imagine people eagerly reading your words to entertain them…and the satisfaction of receiving a check for doing what you love to do already...write!...

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Intriguing Facts About Jamaica!

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**~~~** FOR EXAMPLE: DID YOU KNOW? that Port Royal in Jamaica was once labeled 'The wickedest city on Earth'? Better yet, that Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway- even before the United States! and, [listen to this] that the Jamaican and Libyan flags are the ONLY flags in the world that doesn't share any of the colors of the American flag? Well, now you know. But there are many more facts about Jamaica that will marvel you!. Intriguing, fascinating and thrilling! This 101 'did you know' facts about Jamaica book feature these and more of the most insightful and captivating information about the island. From Nature and Culture, to Politics, Sports & Society. This little resource is the only of its kind. "As a Jamaican I am almost ashamed to see how much of your information was new to me. I kept on reading straight through once I started. I wanted to find what else I didn't know about our fabulous little island....

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Work At Home Directory

Enjoying The Work At Home Lifestyle             Companies and Businesses Need Work at Home Help But Trying to Find the Legitimate Offers Can Be Maddening

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On the SubjectWe are working in web development and print media. If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where We come in!