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The Heart Of The Tao - Writings Of A Simple Monk

The Heart of the Tao Writings of a Simple Monk

First published on 14th May 2015 'The Heart of The Tao' is written by a self proclaimed ' Simple Monk'. After years of intense dedication to the practices involved with Spiritual Enlightenment and Self Mastery, the author has collected everything that he claims is necessary for anyone looking to comprehend the subtle reality of 'the Path'. He warns as follows......

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Healing Power

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Understanding The 3 Levels Of Salvation: Spirit, Soul & Body!

(2) The Salvation of the Soul - This is known as Sanctification (separation from the seduction of sin).

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Touch Of Heaven

If anyone from any country wishes Alan to speak in their city, please Email Alan in Australia by clicking on the following link: :

Alan Ames was born in London in 1953. In his youth, he was a member of a motorcycle-gang, he went along a path full of violence and alcohol. After his marriage, he moved to Australia with his family. The turning point of his life happened in 1993 when Alan saw his past life displayed before him and experienced how his sins and wrong ways had hurt God. He saw how Jesus offered him forgiveness from the cross. After some struggles, Alan accepted the forgiveness offered by Jesus. The Lord helped Alan to come back to the sacraments and to the Church and changed Alan's hatred and pain into love. Later, God called Alan to be one of His witnesses, sent to carry God's love into the world. Alan has brought hope and blessing to hundreds of thousands of people – the hope and blessing which he himself draws from his sacramental relationship of love with the Trinitarian God....

Hell Really Exists

Better To Take A Little Time Now , Than To Regret This Moment For An Eternity !  

What happens after death? Is there life after death? Is Hell Real? Why does Hell exist? Is Hell eternal? How can I not go to Hell? What is the Bible's description of Hell? Is Hell-Fire Real? Is Hell a real place of everlasting punishment? Is Hell a place of darkness? Is there weeping, screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth in Hell? Is Hell forever and ever? Did God Create Hell? Why did God create Hell? When did God create Hell? Does God send people to Hell? Did Jesus warn us about Hell? Who will go to Hell? Will good deeds save us from Hell? Where is Hell located? Are there testimonies of Hell? What is brimstone? What is eternal life? What is second death? What is the Book of Life? How can you get to Heaven?......

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9 Sacred Secrets Of Ganesha: The Ganesha Experience

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9 Sacred Secrets of Lord Ganesha Over two million people a month search for the truth about Lord Ganesha who is revered as the Lord of Success and Remover of Obstacles. Chances are, you have arrived here because you too are looking for the sacred secrets, and seeking the enlightenment and success you deserve.From as early as the Gupta Empire and the Golden Age of India in the second century, the Sacred teachings of Ganesha has been followed by searching souls like you from around the world, and have led them to ensure success in all areas of life.Why are Lord Ganesha’s sacred secrets of success so powerful, that they still work 1,700 years later?...

A Daily Bbile Devotional & Other Sunday School Resources

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." Psalms 119:18 (KJV)     Now Available:

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