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The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual

Advantages/disadvantages for 4 different heating systems including free solar options. Find out the best method for productive cricket production. Learn the thermodynamic principles for efficient heat conservation.

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Bigfooticus And Their Babies E-book

They are NOT 1/2 apes, Gigantopithecus or Beasts -They are hominids related to Lucy & us.

     A  Colorado conservationists has stumbled upon numerous major discoveries over the last three years and wishes to share them with you in a newly released  150  +  page  E-book.  After contemplating Veterinary School and the Colorado School of  Mines,  Tom Miller entered the  University of Colorado School of  Engineering.  Miller graduated from C.U. with a diversified education background including  paleoanthropological studies of  higher hominid & human evolution.  After college - he endeavored  to  persevere and expand his geologic knowledge by  working as a roughneck on an oil-rig etc.  He is a woodsman and in years past was an avid  bow-hunter of  large game.  Miller lives near many Wilderness  Areas and a  National Park . ...

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Secrets Of The Deep Sky

  “This guide has obviously been created with a lot of care and expertise.  I can see things now I’ve never see before.  Thank you!” - Niles J., U.K.

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Stargazing For Beginners

One Minute AstronomerStargazing, Astronomy, and Night Sky InfoProfile Logout Subscribe About Articles Sky This Month Courses Archives Contact “How To Know The Night Sky As Well As You

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Jupsat Pro - Astronomy Software

Remember that all future upgrades are free so you'll never have to pay more for the software. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions for improving Jupsat Pro. The software has been improved over the years with suggestions from people like you. Digital Download [2.5Mb file] Get Your Copy Of "Jupsat Pro" Now For Only $24.95...

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