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Holly understands digitizing! There are a lot of people who teach digitizing that don't understand digitizing or don't understand teaching. Sometimes... both! You won't have either problem when you learn to digitize with Holly! Since starting her own digitizing business and website in 2001, Holly has digitized well over 20,000 embroidery designs! Would you rather learn digitizing from someone who has digitized a few designs so they could learn the software before they teach the class, or someone who has digitized over twenty thousand designs in order to make a living as a digitizer for over 10 years?  You can see some of Holly's digitizing on her embroidery club website at and on her design store website at to to get an idea of the variety and quality of Holly's digitizing and that of her students now too !...

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Pricing For Profit Windows Software

more than you have made this year. Do you still want to carry on

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Maroua Ben Collection - Machine Embroidery Designs

Despite the effort and time spent to make this encyclopedia in the best form, the honor to serve you and to get your satisfaction is one of the most important objectives that we seek hard.

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How To Repair Your Sewing Machine.

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As we all know, sewing-machine repair is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world today.  Newspapers, women’s magazines, dry-goods stores, high schools and colleges are all encouraging millions of American women to do their own sewing, not only to make their own slacks, suits, shirts, sweaters, etc, clothes, but also to make nice clothes for their husbands, sons, or boyfriends. Statistics now show the tremendous growth in the number of women who make their own family wardrobe. The latest figures show that over 89 million American women, because of the high costs of ready-to-wear garments or the undesirable workmanship of store-bought clothes, are now making almost all of the clothing for their families. Now is the time when a sewing machine specialist can write his or her own ticket. Never before has the money-making opportunity been so great in this field, if you know what you're doing.  And this is not to mention, it is also a very prestigious occupation....

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How To Start Your Own Machine Quilting Business

Finally, straight talk on how to start your own machine quilting business doing something you love!

Cleopatra Embroidery Designs Collection!

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Blackwork For Beginners

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Quilting For Cash

Finally, a comprehensive guide that shows you how to start, run, and market your very own quilting business...

Dear Quilting Enthusiast, If you've ever thought about starting and running your own successful quilting business — while avoiding some of the most common mistakes made by business newbies — and using some of the most powerful marketing techniques available, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read. Here's why: Over the years, I've received a ton of feedback from readers of my Quilting Biz Email List. Many of them don't want to start a machine quilting business or quilt shop because of the money required, or they just want to create a part-time income from their quilting. Instead, they ask me questions like... "How do I sell the quilts that I make?" "Can I make money selling my quilts on eBay?" "Are custom quilting services in demand?" "Are t-shirt and photo quilts marketable?" "How can I get started in my own quilting business?"...

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Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair

Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair Embroidery Machine Repair Tune Up Kit Antique Serger Repair Pro Package   Secrets Of

Antique Sewing Machine Repair Antique Sewing Machine Repair  is now simple and straight forward with this huge Ebook.  Learn how to repair sewing machine heads, treadle and hand crank drive systems, and refurbish antique sewing cabinets.  Get the most value from your antique sewing machine.  The bonuses are worth the price.  Click here for details on Antique Sewing Machine Repair.   Mysteries Of Serger Repair Now uncover the mysteries of sergers.  Discover how to service and repair all brands of sergers.  This book reveals how sergers work and how to maximize their performance as well has how to adjust sergers to perform like new.   Secrets Of Sewing Secrets of Sewing reveals the essential information every sewing professional and sewing machine technician needs to know and understand about sewing. In order to serve the sewing public, you will need to talk their language, understand the development of sewing, and the techniques vital for sewing success.   Your Own...


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