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You Are What You EATYou NEED a trusted source for meal advice that's tuned to the physical demands of a soccer player. Hi carb meals provide the stamina required to finish the game. The more energy you have to burn, the better your game becomes! Bet Blind...

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2014 World Cup Brazil Guide

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Soccer Hypnosis

where whatever situation came into your life you would be able to handle it confidently and effectively? What if you could learn how to? - how to improve your confidence

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The Unofficial College Soccer Recruiting Toolkit

Am I Good Enough? The Unofficial Toolkit to Becoming a Collegiate Soccer Player

Zach Machuca is a former NCAA Division II Soccer Player with a huge passion for entrepreneurship, marketing and technology. He is a firm believer in the art of self teaching and believes that there is no better method than throwing yourself into the deep end. When Zach isn’t playing pick-up soccer or destroying innocent players in FIFA (any year), you can find him in front of a computer screen building Ruby on Rails web applications. Don't Wait Any Longer: Act Now! Now  is the time to take steps towards playing College Soccer!Click Here to Order Now for $24.95 Follow us on Twitter: @SoccerRecruitin...

The Comprehensive System For Better Soccer Fitness

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6 Weeks to Optimal Soccer Fitness Discover our Step by Step Pre-Season Soccer Fitness Training Program   Soccer Specific Targeted Results: Our pre-season soccer fitness training system is targeted to improve your fitness specifically for soccer. Video Program High quality video of all the drills and exercises that you can take with you to your training location with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone! Save Money Designed so that you won’t need expensive gym memberships, personal trainers or specialized equipment. What Does It Take to Have a Body (or team of bodies) Ideally Conditioned for Soccer?     Stamina (3 types) Pace Strength Explosive Power Agility Flexibility Balance Co-ordination Powers of Recovery...

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Epic Soccer Training - Improve Soccer Skills

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