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Elderly Care Solutions - Caring Options Blueprint For The Golden Years

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An Introduction To Adhd For Children And Parents

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I'm Dr. Sam Caron, also known as "Dr. C." I'm a child psychologist, and by combining puppets, music, humor, and magic along with education, I've created a revolutionary DVD that will educate and entertain your entire family about ADHD all at the same time! "My Child's ADHD Affects The Entire Family, and I'm Afraid" Is your child having trouble in school? Are you tired of telling him to do something (like clean his room) and then coming back an hour later to find out that not only did he not do what you asked, but he is now engaged in some completely unrelated and unproductive activity?...

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Autism Parent Survival Guide

An entire chapter about finding and enrolling your child in a school, which includes:

After many years of therapies, schools, care givers, and family gatherings that have been both successes and failures, we decided to write this book to provide parents with the survival guide we wish we had when we began our autism journey. The “Autism Parent Survival Guide” provides you with: Tips for finding a good doctor to help you through the autism journeyInformation about nutritional supplements to improve your child’s healthHow sensory processing issues affect children’s behavior, their ability to speak, and their ability to learnSuggestions on activities you can do at home immediately to help your child Information and descriptions of more than 25 therapies available to help your child and more than 70 links to websites to get even more valuable information – biomedical, dietary, behavioral, communications, physical, movement and balance therapies, and even alternative therapies – are designed to help your child learn, grow and become more independent. ...

How To Successfully Raise A Child Who Has Autism

Rates of Autism are increasing, yet the source and cause unknown. The behavior it causes is both enlightening and frightening. Even professionals seem to have different opinions about the reasons for behavior seen in children with Autism.

"Connie has years of professional and personal experience that she brings to the table.Very knowledgable and compassionate, Connie discuss all aspects of raisng a child with autism. What she has learned over the years and shares with you the reader takes all of the guesswork out of raising a child with autism. Among the many things we talked about was one simple little idea or "technique" that really stood out as being something every parent of a child with autism should know and practice. It's in there along with the rest of the information in the ebook." BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... By making the incredibly smart decision to order right now and start utilizing the information you will receive the following...

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Brainworks Sensory Diet Creator For Autism And Spd

For more information for individuals and families with sensory needs, click here. Professionals

Continuing Ed Login 0 items What is a Sensory Diet? A sensory diet is the strategic use of sensory activities. While most of us use sensory strategies without really thinking about it (drinking coffee to stay alert, listening to soothing music to unwind, jogging to release tension, etc.), some children and adults have sensory needs that require a more intentional approach. A sensory diet is a plan, usually established by an Occupational Therapist, to meet the needs of people with sensory processing disorders so they will be able to engage in social interactions, focus on their education, self-soothe, and sustain attention to task more effectively. BrainWorks simplifies the process of creating sensory diets and teaches self-modulation through its use.  Click here to join BrainWorks or view membership options. Brain Works offers three convenient options: Physical Products, Digital Access, or an App!   Products Created with Digital Access...

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A Parent's Guide For Reversing Autism

To help you get started I have written a book specifically for parents of an autistic child which has an easy to follow 7 step plan... 

STEP ONE details the gluten free/casein free diet and why it is so important for recovery to begin.   It also explains why, after only 6 weeks, a particular type of cow’s milk can be included back into the diet.  This milk has a different molecular structure than other milks.  You are unlikely to hear about this milk anywhere else in the autistic community as we have been told that all casein is bad.  This is simply not true.  Your child may be similar to mine and have no reaction to this milk casein whatsoever.  I explain how to test your child for this and other food intolerances in step one.  If you have a child who is a 'picky eater' or skeptical family members, then doing step one correctly will put an end to all that.  This diet is strict and has to be done properly or you will not get the results you are longing for.  If you follow my recommendations for diet outlined in this chapter you could see significant improvements in your child in as little as a week....

The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide

ANNOUNCING: The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Your Simple Guide To Helping Your Child With Aspergers In Almost Any Situation, Including…

• Difficulties with social functioning, particularly in the rough and tumble of a school environment • Sensory issues, where they are oversensitive to bright light, loud sounds and unpleasant smells • Obsessive interests, with a focus on one subject to the exclusion of all others • Social isolation and struggles to make friends due to a lack of empathy, and an inability to pick up on or understand social graces and cues (such as stopping talking and allowing others to speak) • A rigid Insistence on routine (where any change can cause an emotional and physiological meltdown) • A need to know when everything is happening in order not to feel completely overwhelmed...

Dyslexia - Facts You Should Know

"Frustrated In Your Search For Information About Dyslexia?  Are You Having Trouble Separating Fact From Fiction?"

If you like what you've read so far than here's what to do... You can get your hands on this eBook in 5 minutes (or less) by ordering your copy through ClickBank, just follow the order link below... Click Here To Order Securely Through ClickBank...

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Conquer Autism Now


  ConquerAutism.Com   Home Chapter summary Customer service About the authors Resources Facts More than 1 in 150 children have autism symptoms. Autistic children will not get better without treatment. Effective treatments are available. Your child can get better! Conquer Autism is a comprehensive hands-on guide to help children with autism get better. It is written for parents and caretakers and covers all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and communication with autistic children at home and at school. Conquer Autism is available for immediate download as a PDF file for $19.99 or in other formats. We are so sure you will benefit from this book that we offer a full lifetime guarantee....

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Ageing At Home

GOOD NEWS for anyone with parents who need help at home…. “Sorry Mum, If Only I Knew This

Didn’t Know Any Different… Let someone who has become an Expert in this area now guide you step-by- step in this super, easy to follow e-book! You are about to discover: Shortcuts to finding the answers to help your parents stay at home, saving you time, money and worry How and What to purchase with confidence- walkers, alarms, home help and other everyday information How Frustrating dead-ends become a thing of the past Peace of Mind that you can provide what they need to stay at home Finally! No More Fruitless internet searches or getting the run around on the phone How to have the information you want at your fingertips The things doctor should tell you, but are too busy to remember For people aged 65 and over, the majority (93%) lived in private dwellings. The likelihood of a person living in an institutionalised setting increased with age; of those 85 and over, 34% lived in nursing homes and retirement and aged care accommodation. Source: (2003: ABS)...

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