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Jesus, A Kangaroo And A Paratrooper

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Jesus, a Kangaroo and a Paratrooper     Have you ever wondered what it be like to be a Paratrooper? Maybe you were a Paratrooper – Maybe you still are! A person doesn’t survive multiple near-death experiences without being affected somehow. “Jesus, a Kangaroo and a Paratrooper is one man’s story of his service as a Paratrooper, life’s guilt, and his attempts to understand why God protected him”.   A true Story Real life experiences of a U.S Paratrooper Why the U.S Army throws dogs out of airplanes Why a Kangaroo would jump as well as any Para Why the second jump is harder than the first Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane How one man came to believe This is not a religious tome, its one man’s journey. It’s one man’s real life experiences and how he personally came to God.   Truly a great read!...

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101 Self-limiting Beliefs Around Money

There was a definite correlation between the clearings and my success.

"I invested in a session with our focus of clearing negative beliefs about money that have hindered the growth of my consulting business and general flow of success.  He easily helped me look at the inner me.Within 35 days, I closed a deal (that appeared to be dead.)...

Thehoroscope.org Astrology Reading

After getting my report and reading through every page several times, I was shocked.

White Sun - Tao Of Heaven

Articles written by T.A Chew, author of White Sun in EzineArticles.

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Mi Numerologia

Atención: Personas que están buscando las claves para conocer su futuro! ¿Buscas Respuestas en Tu Vida?

La base de la Numerologia está en el sonido. Cada letra de tu nombre tiene un sonido, una vibración, una frecuencia. Y asi como algunos sonidos juntos crean una musica armoniosa, otros pueden armar un ruido escandaloso. Piensa en un piano con sus notas, cada una tiene un sonido especial y la combinacion correcta puede crear una musica hermosa o una terriblemente disarmonica si no sabes combinarlas. Asi como el piano, la numerología tiene sus letras a la que les asigna una vibración única y se le asigna un número en base a su calidad energética....

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Club Développement Personnel

Et Réaliser Vos Rêves”   Oui ! Vous pouvez dépasser vos limites sans effort,

votre Vie à jamais AVERTISSEMENT: votre esprit vous joue des tours ! C’est la vérité toute crue et elle fait mal à la plupart des gens qui la découvre mais c’est pourtant vrai. Votre esprit peut s’avérer sournois et vous faire croire que l’inaction vaut mieux qu’une action ratée. Votre esprit vous paralyse trop souvent dans votre “zone de confort” mais cette “zone de confort” représente votre qualité de vie actuelle. Et si votre qualité de vie actuelle ne vous plaît pas, c’est que votre zone de confort est mal définie. Réfléchissez un instant... Pensez-vous que vous êtes sur cette Terre pour échouer ou être "dans la norme" ?...

Karma Guide With A Difference

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Tarot Professionals Course

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Weight Loss Hypnosis

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It's an operation that happens tens of thousands times a year. But what makes this procedure unique is that none of it is real. It's all in Zega's mind. "My weight controlled my life," Zega, 47, said. "I was more a homebody. It probably prevented me from dating a lot and just doing everyday things." After the fake surgery about 10 months ago, Zega said she feels as though she actually has a band around her stomach. "Immediately after I left, I felt different," she said. "[The weight] felt like it melted off my body overnight. Yesterday was 10 months and I've lost 120 pounds. ... My mind controls what goes into my body."...

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The 7 Day Psychic Development Course

    Psychic Readings Psychic Books Affiliate Program Psychic Directory  "7 Day Psychic Development Course"

methods of psychic development. The results experienced after performing the exercises detailed in these pages can be quite astonishing. People are often amazed when they discover just how limitless their intuitive skills really are. I have seen psychic and intuitive development courses on the internet costing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars The exercises contained in this ebook are every bit as effective as any workshop, class or retreat available anywhere in the world today. Learn at your own pace, in your own home and have fun doing it! ONLY $9.95   Internet Security Note:  The secure order  form on the next page will look like this:   ...

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