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Weight Loss Hypnosis

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It's an operation that happens tens of thousands times a year. But what makes this procedure unique is that none of it is real. It's all in Zega's mind. "My weight controlled my life," Zega, 47, said. "I was more a homebody. It probably prevented me from dating a lot and just doing everyday things." After the fake surgery about 10 months ago, Zega said she feels as though she actually has a band around her stomach. "Immediately after I left, I felt different," she said. "[The weight] felt like it melted off my body overnight. Yesterday was 10 months and I've lost 120 pounds. ... My mind controls what goes into my body."...

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The 7 Day Psychic Development Course

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methods of psychic development. The results experienced after performing the exercises detailed in these pages can be quite astonishing. People are often amazed when they discover just how limitless their intuitive skills really are. I have seen psychic and intuitive development courses on the internet costing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars The exercises contained in this ebook are every bit as effective as any workshop, class or retreat available anywhere in the world today. Learn at your own pace, in your own home and have fun doing it! ONLY $9.95   Internet Security Note:  The secure order  form on the next page will look like this:   ...

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4 D Manifestor - Powerful Abundance Creation Technology

Visitors from United States qualify for a special discount. Are You Still Struggling To Manifest Your Deepest Desires? “Finally, You Can Start Attracting The Wealth And Abundance

You Deserve” 4D Technology Taps Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, Releasing Blocked Energy And Immediately Unleashing Infinite Abundance Into Your Life Even if you have... No experience with meditation or had little results beforeNever manifested anything in your lifeThought it took skill to master a 'secret' of attracting abundance you just didn't have Fellow Seeker Of Abundance If you're still held back from manifesting your dreams and desires by what seems to be an unknown force then you're not alone. So many people out there never achieve what they truly deserve because of circumstances out side of their control. Instead they become victims of fate, helpless and unable to lift themselves from the situation they are in. If only there was an easy way for them to break free of the shackles which bound them, they could rise up and take control of their destiny....

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El Secreto Sobre La Ley De Atraccion

Haciéndolo en el Futuro, tal como La Ley de Gravedad o

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Psychedelic Meditation

And what's more - you feel free to enjoy this crazy experience every single day. Why? Because you know you will never have to suffer through another nasty come-down again!

I spent the last ten minutes of my meditation watching the roof of my house lift off to reveal a brilliant, starry sky. A brightly coloured UFO was descending towards me. I was beamed up and carried through space to the planet Noronge, where I was unceremoniously ejected. Thankfully, I had a soft landing and was soon floating on a lazy, purple ocean, my face to the sky. The sun was shining and warm and apparently upside down and in the water next to me was an ostrich. He was wearing a raspberry-flavoured tuxedo, which he assured me (in flawless Italian) was waterproof. He offered me a martini and began reciting poetry. He read it out backwards because, he said, looking at me out the corner of his ear, it smelt better that way. I had to agree......

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Under The Oak- Musings And Meditations

- ReginaThese writings make it easy to reach a meditative state, where you can find the ability within you to change yourself and better the world in which we live.

Tame Your Brain!

Self help advice that guides you where YOU want to go!

A warm welcome to you! Thanks for coming to my blog. Please check out the form to the left, and fill it out so I can send you tips on how to succeed. My name is Jan Tincher. I am… Read more →...

Hypnotic Super Self

Free Motivation Tips: 3 Crucial Steps For Getting Your Lifestyle “Un-Stuck”

And Get More Motivated Today… Motivate your Self Esteem! The “word” Self Esteem is a mental trap. (Doesn’t it make you feel low just hearing it?) The truth is, if you’re well motivated, you will NEVER end up feeling down Motivate your Productivity! Self-motivation is very hard to generate, however, if you have something in your life that you are able and willing to work hard for, you will be able to motivate yourself to go for it. How to build Motivation passively! There are many ways that you can build motivation without even knowing it. This will allow you to turbo-charge your lifestyle like never before. Subscribe to my FREE Lifestyle Improvement Tips newsletter below and I’ll send you FREE coaching lessons about all 3 steps to get yourself “un-stuck.” Enter your name and email below, and you’ll have them in your e-mail box in just a few minutes…...

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