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Manifesting Excellence Law Of Attraction Group Coaching Program

I have always been pretty good at manifesting what I want in life, but since knowing you I have been accomplishing really great things!!

Astral Travel Now

Imagine what it would be like to travel in another dimension and permeate any and all barriers that limit you in the 3rd dimension?

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Mastering The Art Of Self Hypnosis

How To Start To Improve Your Life  In 7 Days With Self Hypnosis!

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Read Akashic Records

“World’s Most Recognized Hypnotist Finalizes The Creation Of A Program

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Psychic Power Training Course

Stop Your Endless Searching for how to Muyltiply your Psychic Power - the hard way!... "At Last! You Can Triple your Psychic Power and

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Quranic Bridges To Christ

Several years ago I learned how to use the Quran, the Muslim holy book, as a springboard for effective spiritual discussions with Muslims. If you’ve spent any

But then I stumbled upon how to use the Quran as a witnessing tool. I heard of a fellow laborer, “Timothy”, who had success sharing the Gospel with Muslims in several well known,  predominantly Muslim countries. I arranged to meet him and asked him what his secret was. Thankfully, he saw my hunger and desperation and showed me what he was doing, first hand. At first I was skeptical, but as I listened and learned I saw that He honored Christ as Lord at every turn. He was not trying to synchronize the Bible and Islam or water-down the Gospel in any way....

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Love Spells

Through an arrangement with GetBackTogetherNow.com, we are able to offer you Getting Him or Her Back! and "Get Back Together" Online Consultation System and more absolutely FREE with the purchase of Red Magick Love Spells!

Masonic Secrets Revealed.

"...should I ever knowingly or willingly violate this my solemn oath or obligation as an Entered Apprentice Mason. So help me God."

From "Masonic Secrets Revealed" page 120 Excerpted from KNIGHT TEMPLAR AND KNIGHT OF MALTA - SECTION 2: Pilgrim, the twelve tapers you see around the triangle, correspond in number with the disciples of our Savior while on earth, one of whom fell by transgression, and betrayed his Lord and Master; and as a constant admonition to you always to persevere in the paths of honor, integrity, and truth, and as a perpetual memorial of the apostasy of Judas Iscariot, you are required by the rules of our Order to extinguish one of those tapers; and let it ever remind you that he who can basely violate his vow and betray his secret, is worthy of no better fate than Judas Iscariot." (The candidate extinguishes one of the tapers; the triangle is placed in the centre of the room, on which are twelve burning candles; between each candle stick a glass of wine; in the centre of the triangle is placed a coffin, on which are the Bible, skull and cross-bones.) Get Instant Access to...

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