Soccer Hypnosis

where whatever situation came into your life you would be able to handle it confidently and effectively? What if you could learn how to? - how to improve your confidence

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Absolute Beginner's Guide To Golf !!! Ebook & Audio !!!

Does it seem to you, that some of the golfers you know, believe they are somehow superior to non-golfers? 

I've proven to many of my previously non-golfing buddies just how fun and fulfilling it is to pick up a set of clubs and spend the morning or an afternoon just having a blast together, out in the fresh air playing a round of golf.  ...

Tennis Strength And Mobility Workouts

"Who Else Wants To Discover The REAL Secrets To Developing The Strength And Mobility You Need To Elevate Your Tennis Game Quickly With A Proven Step By Step Off Court Training Plan "

($97 Value) This Manual is the foundation for the Strength and Mobility for Tennis System where we lay the groundwork for your success through the entire 3 Phase Program that includes corrective, strength and, power phase training periods along with critical “deload” weeks to help you recover, prevent injuries, and develop a stable athletic base that will help you perform optimally on the court. We detail everything from what exercises to perform, the correct set and rep schemes, and appropriate time components that will generate positive results with your off court training. All the guesswork has been taken out so that you’ll always have a Go To Reference Guide with this well laid out training plan. Component #2 Video Exercise Library...

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Bjj Building Blocks - Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals Video Course

Nic explains all the material in a clear and easily accessible fashion, making this a great resource for beginners to jiujitsu.

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Soccer Recipes Nutrition Formula

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You Are What You EATYou NEED a trusted source for meal advice that's tuned to the physical demands of a soccer player. Hi carb meals provide the stamina required to finish the game. The more energy you have to burn, the better your game becomes! Bet Blind...

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The 6 Minute Golf Swing Fix

Incredible video reveals 6 tiny, quick adjustments that can turn anyone into a drastically better golfer NOW! “25-Year Golf Veteran Shows You How To Drop 5 To 10 Strokes From Your Scores By The End Of Today  …” … and teaches you how to fix your almost-invisible mistakes in less than 2 hours  ...

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Bass Fishing Basics.

"Are You Ready To Get Started In The Exciting Sport Of Bass Fishing?"

That's what happened recently when I took my 25 year old daughter fishing for the first time in about 10 years. It was a slow day for everyone we had talked to. They just weren't biting very well that day. We were mainly fishing for bream, my daughter's favorite, but whenever I saw a spot that looked right to me, I would make a few casts to see if I could catch a bass. While everyone else was struggling to catch fish, I ended up catching a nice 4 1/2 pound bass and several bass in the 1.5 to 2 pound range, just "part time" fishing. It was great showing off, I mean, showing my daughter, that her dad could still put fish in the boat even on a slow day....

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