Play Dead Murder Mysteries.

Bored with the same old plays? Why not add some Mystery?  Play Dead is your best resource for Comedy murder mysteries for all of your theatrical needs. Whether High School, College, Community theatre, dinner theatre or fund raiser.

Read more Feedback on the Feedback page "Hi - we have been doing your comedy Murder mystery dinner theater plays for 6 years at our school with HUGE success- Our productions sell out within 48 hours that tickets go on sale. Our public LOVES your plays!"...

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Screenplay Writing Secrets!

That's over 75% savings! Buy my book now before I raise the price. Remember, you have a 56-day money-back guarantee!   Seven Moments : Screenplay - The Seven Moments That Will Captivate Your Audience

  Click To Download Two Chapters Christian Blake's books about the Seven Moments have been selling internationally since 2006. Writers from all over the world have been using the Seven Moments to enhance their novels, short stories, and screenplays. Understanding how to use the moments is integral to a writer's ability to captivate an audience. "There is a secret method to captivating an audience that you don't know about. Screenwriting courses aren't discussing it, and you won't find it in books. Nor will they teach you this method in film school. You can only learn this information right here, on this page. Keep reading; your screenwriting career depends on it. This information has never been discussed before."...

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Organised Chaos: A Very Practical Guide To Drama Teaching

 Great practical advice, useful resources, excellent  information and the keys to successful drama teaching! Buy "The Impro Teachers Kit"

HomeGames"The Games Box" Action Games Blindfold Games Concentration Games Elimination Games Icebreakers Interaction Games Partner Games Tag Games Team Games Trust Exercises Word Games Improv"The Impro Teachers Kit" Endowment Exercises Impromptu Exercises Non-Verbal Exercises Phone-Call Exercises Planned Improvisations Status Exercises Sub-text Exercises Warm-up Exercises Whole Group Exercises E-BookResourcesEndorsementsLinksAbout BlogShopResellersLogin Contact...

American Accent For Actors With Hollywood Professional

with one of the leading accent coaches in the business!

If you have been wanting to learn the American Accent but don't know where to begin you have come to the right place. With Practically Speaking you will learn the basics that will allow you to act with an American Accent for the rest of your career. You will learn the core part of the American Accent which include Resonance, Emphasis & Stresses, Vowels and R's. In the Bare Necessities Section you will also be given a practical example which you can follow from the start of the rehearsal process to the actual audition. Throughout the training you will have the supplementary video of Troy teaching every major section of accent. As well, you will have audio to help practice each vowel....

Christian Plays

   Play List  Home Contact Us Order Now FAQ Christian skits for those that see drama as a vehicle to teach and spread God's message!   “Do You Wish You Could Find Short, Meaningful Christian Skits That Have A Strong Christian Message & That Are Actually Entertaining ? If So, You Must Read This Now!” => Take Me To Your List Of Engaging Christian Skits Right Now!...

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