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FINALLY - An Expert's Guide To Building Freakishly Smart TRACKING SOLUTIONS

And it is this: How much money are you just THROWING AWAY EVERY DAY simply because you don't know how to track your losses and ELIMINATE them? Don't worry if you don't know the answer to this question just yet. It's unlikely you would be reading this page if you did. It is a question that has haunted marketers for at least a century. Especially those who depend on paid advertising for their traffic. You've probably heard more than a couple of people recite the following well-known line: "I know half my advertising is wasted - I just don't know which half." The quote is attributed to John Wanamaker, a 19th century US store merchant considered by many to be the father of modern advertising. Wanaker made his famous remark long before the first Model-T rolled off the Ford assembly line. The world has changed a lot since Wanaker's time, and if only half of your ad budget never produced a return you might even be able to ignore tracking altogether and still make a profit. The trouble is, the reality of advertising today is probably more in line with what Seth Godin has to say on the subject: "Actually, it's closer to 1 percent of your advertising that works, at the most." If what Seth says is correct, is it any wonder then that the marketers who don't make the effort to track what works and what doesn't in their advertising campaigns never see the REAL money to begin to flow? And then there are the OTHER guys. Guys like Mr. H who are absolutely killing it with their marketing campaigns because the insight they gain from tracking allows them to extract 5 TIMES or more the return for the SAME amount of traffic that you are driving. Yes, Mr. H makes mistakes too. But those are exceptions, not the rule. In fact, for these other marketers tracking is almost a religion. And they don't just know how to track. Like I said, these guys know how to use the information derived from their tracking solutions to optimize their campaigns with a vengeance. But it's nothing you can't do too. In fact, in Volume #4 of "Advanced Tracking With Prosper 202" I'll teach you to do exactly what it is that Mr. H and those other guys are doing. Now that you know the score, I have a SECOND...

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