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Believe me… It is not about the race or classes you use – it’s

"I Never Imagined It Would be Possible to Get to Level 60 So Quickly!" I cannot begin to put into words how important this guide is to me. With Argon Guide, I learned all the necessary and important tricks in the game to get me to Level 60. Never again did I need to worry that I was holding my team back and I never felt like a burden to them ever again. And all this was achieved in two short weeks! It's almost unbelievable what you've done for my game, you really are the best! Damon Sturridge "Three Max Cap Characters and Counting..." Some guides promise the world... This guide delivers it. Straight to the point and no nonsense, you've helped me achieve Level 60 quicker than any of my friends (they're dumbfounded at my leveling speed!). Thanks to you, I now have three max cap characters and I'm not going to stop until I get all of them! Johnson Liew "It's Like Having Your Very Own Personal Coach!" I was skeptical when I got the guide but after accessing the guide, it's clear that this is the most detailed guide I have ever seen. With the detailed maps and step-by-step guidance, I now enjoy the game so much better. I never again have to sit for hours in front of the computer and wander around aimlessly wasting precious time. Having Argon Guide is like having a personal coach who's going to drive you to excel in the game... and in record time! Christian Steelman Everybody needs to make a choice. But I certainly hope you do not make the wrong one because leveling and maximizing your class is not something you want to mess around with. I knew a friend who spent HUNDREDS of dollars hiring a ‘farmer’ to play the game for him. He claimed that he didn’t have enough time. He opted the ‘simpler’ way which is to pay for someone to do the work for him. But you can have fun without grinding mobs like a farmer. Because I knew how much time I would save you, I didn’t sleep for a night wondering if I were pricing these guides correctly. Comparing to hiring a ‘farmer’, this guide is easily worth $297 (each) or at least a hundred hours of your precious time. Okay… $297 is not for everybody and I understand that people are...


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