Boy Kills Man

"Nothing is more unsettling in this world than a kid with a gun . . ." On the streets of Medelln, Columbia, actions speak louder than words, and the rule of the bandidos is the only law worth listening to. Like most kids of their age, Shorty and Alberto work for their local cartel. They run cigarettes, offer protection . . . and occasionally assassinate someone. The work is tough, and dangerous, but the boys are commanding respect like they've never known, and the money's pretty good too. But then one day Alberto disappears. And Shorty realises that he is never coming back. A gangster's life is cheap, and when revenge can be bought for only a few pesos, everyone has their price . . . ABOUT THE AUTHOR Matt Whyman is the author of several critically-acclaimed novels including THE SAVAGES, as well as the bestselling comic memoir, WALKING WITH SAUSAGE DOGS. Matt is the former agony uncle for Bliss magazine and part of the team on Radio 1's weekly advice show, The Surgery. He lives in West Sussex with his wife and four children. Find out more about Matt at and on Twitter: @mattwhyman Just occasionally a novel hits you with such force that it takes a while for what you've read to sink in. The storyline permeates your every pore, you think over and over again about the characters. BOY KILLS MAN is such a book.....A powerful novel, thought provoking and shocking.', Jayne Howarth, Birmingham Post 'Excellent.....Sonny is a bit like Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese's GOODFELLAS.', William Leith, The Telegraph '...unputdownable and unforgettable', Time Out 'A tough, uncompromising - and very impressive - piece of writing.', Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times


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