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Loyalty Cards: An amazingly effective way to get repeat customers, something businesses love! GPS Check-in Coupons: Like loyalty cards but are location activated, perfect for clubs and bars! Push Notification s: Send messages direct to your app users and have it pop up on the screen of their smart phone. While email opening rates are in dwindling single digits, push notifications are enjoying read rates of around 90%. Social Media Integration: Tap into the power of social media to spread your apps virally. Easy integration with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even Yelp. RSS Feed Integration: Easily pull in data from Wordpress blogs, Web 2.0 sites, news feeds, and social media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest. Searchable Maps: Build a local business directory with a searchable map for a mall or shopping center. Offline Availability: Native Apps don't need a live Internet connection to function. This is what makes real native applications, so powerful. What good would a loyalty card be, for example, if it required an Internet connection to work? This is one reason why apps make so much sense for local businesses....


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