Easy Build Solar Pool Heater

Add months of use every year to your swimming pool or outdoor spa. If an 11 year old boy can build one then anyone can   Easy build low cost Solar Pool Heater Plans and construction manual By

  Receive our Understanding Electricity and Basic Electronics ebook free with your order Construction costs approximately $100 to $150 for the panel and between $30 and $60 for a circulation pump. Prices tend to vary from one country to the next but most fall within this range. Please note that although we are an Australian company the above prices are quoted in American dollars (US dollars are more familiar to the majority of our international clientele).   Construction manual can be downloaded from the web as soon as your order is processed. On completion you will be directed to a download link to retrieve your manual. Documents are downloadable in both PDF and Microsoft Word.doc format and are currently only available in English with Australian spelling J . Contact us at for more information or if you require help with your project.        Some randomly selected pages from our construction manual     Overview Our solar pool heater will raise pool or spa water temperatures during the shoulder periods of spring and autumn adding months of use to your investment. Proportions can easily be varied to suite particular locations or applications. As a rough rule of thumb a single standard sized solar pool heater panel is effective on pools up to 30,000 L (approx 6,500 gallons) capacity. Each standard solar pool heater panel has 12 heating elements but extra elements or multiple solar pool heater panels can be used for increased efficiency or to service larger pools. The solar pool heater panels can be mounted vertically on fences or horizontally on a roof (this is especially useful if the pool area is well shaded). Should space around your pool or spa be at a premium then each panel can be made in segments to fit. A standard sized panel is 3.4m (11’ 4”) long by 1.4m (4’ 8”) wide and weighs approximately 35 Kg (77 lbs) once full of water.  These have been found to be the optimum dimensions for ease of handling, structural integrity and heating efficiency.            GA Projects specialise in designing low cost projects that any practical individual with basic handyman tools and ability can build. We avoid the need for special machinery or skills (e.g. welding) and ensure all our projects are made from readily available parts and materials. All projects are easy to build and are carefully...

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