Facebook for Dummies

The eagerly anticipated update to the bestselling first edition is here Facebook's popularity is seemingly unstoppable. The site experienced a huge boom in registered users in the latter half of 2008. It was at that time that Facebook also underwent a radical facelift and introduced numerous changes. Packed with hundreds of screen shots, this anxiously awaited new edition presents you with a thorough update on all the exciting changes to Facebook's interface since the first edition hit the shelves a mere one year ago. Authored by two Facebook employees, "Facebook For Dummies, 2nd Edition," features unique insight and insider knowledge of Facebook that can't be found anywhere else. You'll explore optimum ways to get familiar with Facebook, tips for representing yourself online, best practices for keeping connected, how to run a business on Facebook, and more. Walks you through creating a profile, navigating the interface, and setting up privacy features Explains how to find and add friends, fill out your profile, add applications, and upload photos Discusses ways to join a network or group or use Facebook as a scheduler Addresses using Facebook to promote your business and buy ad space on Facebook Put your best face forward and dive in to all the exciting new features that Facebook offers


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