Facebook for Dummies

Facebook is certainly one of the hottest sites on the Web. Not only does it help people get connected and stay connected with family and friends, it is increasingly being used by businesses to connect with their customers. If you've thought about getting into the Facebook community, "Facebook For Dummies" is a great tool to help you maximize the experience. Written by a pair of Facebook insiders, this handy guide shows you how to create a profile, communicate with friends, play with Facebook applications, and explore the unique ways Facebook can improve your business. You'll find out who's on Facebook, how to protect your privacy, how others use the site, and how to tailor the system to meet your needs. Find out all about: Creating a Facebook profile that enhances your real-world relationships Sharing photos and messages with friends Joining networks for your city, school, or work Managing the amount of information you share Understanding and using synchronous and asynchronous messaging, private and public communication, and active and passive interactions Taking advantage of free and paid ways to use Facebook for business Whether you want to connect with friends already on Facebook or be the first on your block to join, "Facebook For Dummies" will smooth the way


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