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The trial includes unlimited access to everything, including tutorial videos and examples of how to use this powerful tool, for 7 days! At the end of 7 days if you don’t think this tool will help your business… just cancel your subscription payments and you will not be charged anything further. Oh, and you get to keep all the bonuses (see below) just as a “thank-you” from me for giving it a try. But, if like most people, you find this to be a really helpful tool, you’ll continue to subscribe for a monthly fee of just $47 and…don’t forget, if you refer just two subscribers, you’ll effectively get it all for free !…and let’s be frank… anybody with an online business would benefit from using this tool! Okay…! So, time for a breath of fresh air. This is the least “sales-y” sales page your ever going to see… because this little tool… literally sells itself! Here’s the “no fluff” list of what this tool can do for you…. 1. Boost your advertising ROI … Find Super responsive virgin solo ads Find highly interested subscribers … who have not seen the same old ads over and over Get your message out via virgin solo ads and get massive response rates! 2. Perform Hyper Targeted Niche research …. Get Niche research from proven records Don’t guess – learn form existing marketers…. see where the money is… Explore unexpected avenues of your niche you would never have thought of… 3. Find your Ideal JV partners Find others promoting your products, or similar products Find those promoting competitor products Find those promoting similar and aligned products 4. Conduct Laser Focused Competitor research … Who are your top competitors…..? How active are they…? How often do they e-mail…? What are they promoting….? Who are they working with….? What is working for them….???? This tool can help you find out! 5. Find the Market Leaders and sign up to their lists … Reverse engineer their campaigns…. Easily dismantle their campaigns and put them to work for you…! Yes, honestly, and it’s completely legit! 6. Find products to promote from top marketers … Easily find a bunch of complementary products to add to your promotion list Perfectly research your suit of successful products to promote or cross-promote Find a product for every occasion Find top ticket items to add to your funnel 7. Find affiliates to...

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