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you already know the power of video marketing. how it lets you

iPocket Video Is Your Fully-Loaded Video Marketing Solution Your end-to-end COMPLETE resource list Your stunning jam-packed members area 24/7 stellar ON DEMAND support WHAT'S INSIDE IPOCKET VIDEO? SECTION ONE modules THE not so basic, basics module one CREATE videos that look like they were shot on $2,000.00 cameras Stand out from the competition, convert higher, and get prospects begging you to create videos for them with these little known secrets that will transform drab, low-quality phone videos into stunning works of art. The best part? It takes about 15 seconds of "work" on your part to accomplish this. HIGH QUALITY CINEMATIC FOOTAGE WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE Module Two 5 steps you must take to ensure great filming before you start Ever put time and effort into filming a video, just to need to re-film it? These 5 steps will virtually ensure that this never happens to you again. Take these simple steps and save money, increase conversions & boost your sales! Module three Crisp, perfect audio good quality audio is proven to increase viewer retention and conversions. You'll see the simple way to get HIGH QUALITY & professional sounding audio Module Four The best way to record COMPLETELY hands-free you already have the tools! A neat little hack on how to start and stop recording from your Smartphone without ever touching the phone. This allows you to control recording from distance and prevents shaky footage. You already have the one simple tool it takes to do this. Module Five Create stunning depth of field shots The holy grail of video is a focused subject and a blurred background. Most people think only expensive gear can accomplish this, but you'll discover how to get a similar effect on your phone. Module Six Stable shots made SUPER easy Shaky footage immediately gives off an "amateur" vibe. Luckily, you'll discover how to ensure stable filming even as you hold the camera. That's right, no tripod necessary! Module Seven Look like a million bucks, with 1 simple trick Wide-angle videos immediately indicate higher quality and increase retention and conversions. They also make filming much easier and subjects more flattering. While others invest in expensive cameras and lenses to achieve this, i'll reveal a simple inexpensive tool that will create the exact same effect on your Smartphone. Module eight Guarantee perfect , steady exposure and focus every time you film on your Smartphone. See how I...

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