Jonas and Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States

" A]n excellent introductory text for the study of this subject, and medical students, residents, and graduate students in public health, allied health sciences, or social sciences will find it a thorough yet engaging grounding in the field. Professionals already practicing in health care delivery, health services research, or health policy will find this a handy and up-to-date reference with encyclopedic breadth but only basic analysis. Both groups will find ample resources for continuing education and will likely return to this text for quick reference for years to come." --S. Ryan Greysen, MD "JAMA" How do we understand and also assess the health care of America? Where is health care provided? What are the characteristics of those institutions which provide it? Over the short term, how are changes in health care provisions affecting the health of the population, the cost of care, and access to care? "Health Care Delivery in the United States," now in a thoroughly updated and revised 9th edition, discusses these and other core issues in the field. Under the editorship of Dr. Kovner and with the addition of Dr. James Knickman, Senior VP of Evaluation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, leading thinkers and practitioners in the field examine how medical knowledge creates new healthcare services. Emerging and recurrent issues from wide perspectives of health policy and public health are also discussed. With an easy to understand format and a focus on the major core challenges of the delivery of health care, this is the textbook of choice for course work in health care, the handbook for administrators and policy makers, and the standard for in-service training programs. Newly Revised Instructor's Guide: Free to Instructors Available as a book or as an online file, the 9th edition instructor's guide features a synopsis of each chapter, numerous tables and figures, key words, additional discussion points, and suggested reading. Either version is available with a verified order of seven or more copies. New to this edition are PowerPoint slides as well as a CD-ROM with further guidelines and instructional information. "To request your copies, please email


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