Muscle Media: The Complete Guide To Buying Online Ads For Less

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Boost Business. Accelerate Profits! Discover Powerful 'Insider Secrets' To Increasing Traffic, Sales, Leads and Visibility When Search Engine and Social Media Marketing Just Aren't Enough … Dear Internet Marketer, Whether you’re a corporate marketing professional, freelancer, entrepreneur, or business owner – one thing is for certain – your products won’t sell if no one can find your website! Using no cost online marketing tactics, like search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), article marketing, pay per click (PPC), and social media marketing (SMM) are all good strategies, but they’ll only get you so far. And they won’t create you the voluminous traffic needed to really see substantial results, fast. That’s when online advertising comes into play. Any successful online marketer will tell you, the key to a balanced marketing mix is having a variety of tactics that fit your budget and business objectives ... from no cost SEO and SEM ... to paid advertising with banner ads, blogs, text ads, display ads, newsletter sponsorships, email marketing and more. Plain and simple: When you really want to increase your Web exposure … and sales … you need to cast a broader net using targeted online advertising. But the question is, how do you leverage this powerful platform without spending a fortune? The answer is learning the ‘insider secrets’ to buying online ads for less. Discover the best ways to get the most bang for your buck when buying online advertising such as banner ads, text ads, blog ads, email marketing, and newsletter sponsorships as well as the critical questions to ask when coordinating joint ventures, affiliate marketing and publishing ad swaps! Check out my new .pdf eBook -- Muscle Media: The Complete Guide to Buying Online Ads for Less. It’s jam packed with 25-pages of proven, powerful, money saving ideas to buy the most common forms of online media and boost your ad’s performance. Learn the tips and tricks to negotiating powerful and cost-effective online media buys from my near 20-years of marketing and media experience. CLICK HERE NOW TO ORDER! Muscle Media also contains the “must knows” for online advertising including… How to create a high-performing (low cost!) media plan Proven techniques for developing powerful online ads Best online ad networks (based on unbiased, hands on experience!) Suggested media allocations for your online marketing mix Marketing analysis and reporting tips Media ‘cheat sheet’ with the critical questions you need...

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