Myspace Maxed Out: Explode Your Popularity, Buzz Your Band and Secure Your Privacy on Myspace

Become MySpace royalty. Explode your career. Secure your privacy. With over 120 million users MySpace is the world's largest social networking site. Feel lost and overwhelmed? Don't be "MySpace Maxed Out" is an extensive guide on all areas of MySpace. Dominate it instead of being just part of it. Got a band? Learn 75 ways to get thousands of fans. Are you a filmmaker, politician or author? Find out how to launch your career to 120 million potential customers. Learn how to get insanely popular. Concerned about privacy? Read how to secure it in every area. Here are a few of the topics covered: 75 Ways to Buzz Your Band; Popularity Tips and Tricks to Make You Internet Royalty; HTML & CCS Boot Camp with Tons of Code; Coolest Profile Names and URLs; Get Celebrities and Famous Bands as Your Friend; MySpaceIM A to Z; Podcast Your Way to Stardom on MySpace; Be a Blog Hog; Go Underground on MySpace with Little Used Privacy Settings; Make Money Off Your Videos; Authors: Over 55 Ways to Buzz Your Book; and Filmmakers: Over 70 Ways to Get Films Recognized. Politicians: Over 40 ways to zoom your political campaign. Rule MySpace


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