Personal Development: 60 Top Quality Life-changing Books

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Take a look at the spectacular  collection we have for you … Our books are easy-to-read Kindle Shorts (5,000 to 10,000 words) designed so you can read and enjoy each one in a single sitting. These books include case studies, action steps, exercises, suggestions and practical tips to help you on your way to a richer, fuller and more profitable life – the sort of life you really want to live.From Goal Setting to Life Purpose, from Healing to Stress Management, from Affirmations to Body Language, we’ve got it all covered. This is, without doubt, the most complete library of books on Personal Development available on the internet today!We want you to be sure that you are not just getting a good deal, but that you are also getting very good quality too. So you can see the quality of our books for yourself, here are some free samples for you. If you click the links below, each of the following books will open in a new window …...

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