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If You Have 30 Minutes A Week, Then You Can Make Six Figures

having a youth group of 350,000. Wow! Love that sort of impact. (But it's also a lot of responsibility.) And I know it's in style for some internet marketers to plaster "stuff" on their pages to get you to dream big. And if that's your WHY, that's totally your choice. But consider for a moment what ELSE could be done. Because of Teen Life we've been able to help not just youth leaders, but orphans around the world. If you have been on any of my email lists you know I am also the director of 100X Missions. And because of a Simple Six site like Teen Life, we've been able to help build... An orphanage in India... An orphanage in Mexico...   An orphanage in Africa... A mission that rescues young ladies from human trafficking in Europe...   Yes, a Simple Six model can help your family! It can also help others. How cool is that?! Let me be super clear. This is NOT a "ministry" related product. It's not limited to this niche. We're using it in other niches as well. BUT since it does work in this niche that just increases the possibilities in other areas! I wanted You to See this Example to Combat Two Common Questions... Common Question #1: "Well, that works in the internet marketing niche, but what about outside of how to make money on the internet?" This ministry market is NOT the best market. It does not show up in the HOT niche list. It is NOT loaded with money. There are tons of volunteers without budgets. So what I'm saying is if it can work here it can work in a lot of "healthy" niches. Common Question #2: "If this is so great why are you selling it, why aren't you just using it to make money?" Uhhh.... Obviously I am using it. (Actually in multiple sites, this is just the one I am revealing.) Second, I'm sick and tired of watching people try to follow some complicated program. I see people give up and give out because the product they buy is good in theory, but is just too difficult to follow. Now then, you might watch the video case study and see the "original" model above and think... "O, I get this. It's plain o'l continuity." - nope. "Yeah... nothing new... fixed term membership stuff." - you're getting colder....

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