Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees: Legal Issues, Clinical Skills and Advocacy

"I applaud social work students, professors, and social workers who seek to serve and empower the immigrant community. This text is a great tool toward raising awareness of the many issues immigrants face, and helping them find solutions." --Frank Sharry, Executive Director, America's Voice "The book is a major contribution to social workers and their clients as it addresses advocacy on behalf of immigrants and refugees during a social, economic and political period that restricts immigrants' rights and service access." --Dr. Diane Drachman, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut School of Social Work Successful social work with immigrants must begin with an understanding of their legal status and how that status impacts their housing, employment, health care, education, and virtually every other aspect of life. Chang-Muy and Congress present social workers with the only book on the market to emphasize the legal aspect of immigrant issues as well as critical practice and advocacy issues. Topics discussed include historical and current trends in immigration, applicable theories for practice with immigrants, policy and advocacy methods, and the need for cultural competence. By providing comprehensive coverage of both the legal and practice issues of this complex field, this book will help social service professionals and graduate students increase their cultural sensitivity and work more effectively with immigrants. Key Features: Covers the latest aspects of the immigration debate and discusses how social workers are affected by emerging immigration policies Discusses special populations such as refugees, elderly immigrants, and victims of international trafficking Includes case studies on the most critical issues immigrants face today: legal processes, physical and mental health issues, employment difficulties, family conflicts, and more Instructional Materials Available Free to instructors with a verified order of seven or more copies. Email to request syllabus and PowerPoint slides.


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