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Download Now: Online Marketing Ebooks 20 Day Twitter Fix $49.99 This is the ultimate guide to getting more followers, retweets, and mentions on Twitter. Learn to get real value from Twitter without being overwhelmed by completing one task a day for 20 days. You’ll get BONUS templates to make this process easier, including a header image template, tweet templates, a content planning calendar, and daily/weekly task lists.     20 Day Facebook Fix $49.99 Are you struggling to figure out how to get more likes on your Facebook page? Download this step-by-step guide to creating a fully-optimized Facebook page in just one hour a day for four weeks. You’ll learn how to get more likes, create content that increases engagement and clicks, and beat Facebook’s algorithm to get more exposure for each post.       Stand Out Blogging $49.99 Do you have big dreams for your blog that you just haven’t had time to turn into reality? Download this step-by-step walkthrough for how to get more traffic and subscribers to your blog. You’ll have one task to complete each business day for four weeks. Learn how to get more loyal blog readers today.    ...

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