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watching a movie in an IMAX theatre and gorging on a 200+ dish buffet..

"How do I make money with apps?" "How much does it cost to get started?" "How much time do I need to put in?" "How much time will it take to make my first dollar?" "How much can I earn every month?" "I'm not a technical person. Can I still do this?" "How do I know if it's the right business for me?" How to choose the right celebrity? How to outsource all the work for cheap ? How to publish the app? How to get downloads for your apps ? Checkout what early customers are saying.. I just launched this - but some early reviews have already dropped in:         *Disclaimer: Results are not typical. There's no guarantee of specific results. Your results can vary. Whats the investment? I've charged $300 for a fraction of this info. But I realize you're expecting a reasonable price.   So I'm going to offer you a price you can't refuse.   $29 $9   That's less than 9 bucks! That's like a 97% discount on the $300+ value . I've spent thousands of dollars learning from others. Plus a lot more money and time building my app business. That's a lot of personal experience from the trenches. You're getting a blueprint on how to print money with apps - for just 9 bucks! 60 day money back guarantee Listen.. If you're not absolutely thrilled - I don't want your money. If you don't like my report - get a refund. Heck even if you don't like the font - get a refund. I want you to be completely happy with it. So there's no risk to you at all.   Infact I'm taking all the risk! Limited-time bonus: 30 minutes personal consultation After going through the report.. You may have some questions that weren't answered. But I don't want to leave you out in the cold. So even though I charge upto $400 per hour - I'm happy to give you a 30 minutes personal consultation.   That's an actual value of $200 that you're getting for free. But I'm running my own gig. As soon as I get overloaded with too many consultations - I'll take this down. So get it while you still can. Nobody does this for a 9 dollar report Nobody wants to talk to hundreds of customers. But I do. Because I care.  I've...


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