Advertising Cultures

The economic and cultural role of the `creative industries' has gained a new prominence and centrality in recent years. These worlds are explored here through the most emblematic creative industry: advertising. Advertising Cultures presents a case-study of the social make-up, informal cultures and subjective identities of these creative practices.

Commercial Advertising

The Lectures forming the main part of this volume were presented at the London School of Economics and Political Science and, collected, purport not to be a working textbook of Advertising, but rather a statement of practical principles. Every opportunity has been taken to illustrate, with examples described from actual practice, the theories propounded. The business of Advertising still suffers from the prejudices created by earlier misconduct. But Advertising has become a necessity: anyone who wants to do business on a large scale must advertise in some way.

Sex in Advertising

Sex in Advertising: Perspectives on the Erotic Appeal is the first book to thoroughly tackle important issues about sex in advertising. What is it? Does it work? How does it affect individuals and society? Well-respected scholars and popular writers answer these questions as they address the following issues associated with sex in today's advertising environment: gender differences and representation, unintended social effects, subliminal embeds, appeals to the homosexual community, and new media.

Advertising International

First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

No Copy Advertising

In redoubled efforts to get the message across in a mediasaturated world, ad agencies are turning to a more enduring and all-embracing method of reaching their audience - don't speak. No-copy advertising is a cute collection of the smartest ways the at people can come up with of promoting, publicising and selling products or services, all with hardly a word in sight. Trawling the best work from TV, billboards, print, the web and radio, the author compiles an intriguing variety of international examples.

Car Sign Advertising

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Fashion Advertising and Promotion

This easy-to-read, basic text explores the advertising and promotion methods used by fashion designers, manufacturers, retailers, materials processors, resident buying offices, forecasters, trade associations, expositions, and other professionals and the role each method plays in the fashion industry. It includes print and broadcast media as well as special event and other promotion presentation techniques.

Mosquito Advertising: The Crunch Campaign

Mosquito Advertising is home from New York when the shocking news breaks: the government is banning advertising for soft drinks. All the work they've done to save Parfizz has been for nothing! Katie is furious. Bans don't work, everyone knows that, and while the other soft drink companies weasel their way around the new rules, Mosquito Advertising plots to re-write them. Katie reckons the key is to make ads for fruit as cool as ads for fizzy drinks. It's a great ideaall they have to do is convince the Prime Minister.

Advertising Food in Europe

A large number of food law matters are differently handled by the various national jurisdictions within and outside of the European Union. This edited volume presents the various national approaches on how foodstuffs ought to be successfully marketed across the European Economic Area. Following a same framework, experienced food lawyers provide practical solutions and handy insight on the thorniest and crucial national aspects of food advertising within their country. The book is therefore conceived as a practical manual, each chapter covering one specific country.


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