Advertising is often used to illustrate popular and academic debates about cultural and economic life. This book reviews cultural and sociological approaches to advertising and, using historical evidence, demonstrates that a rethink of the analysis of advertising is long overdue.

Ordinary Advertising

For Cindy, Jamey, Rose and Bridget without whose love and encouragement I'd have never survived this business let alone had the chance to write about it.

Advertising for Dummies

For small businesses, effective advertising can mean the difference between fortune and failure. But if you're going to throw your money into advertising willy-nilly you might as well just throw it away. And if your business can't afford a big advertising firm you may have to write your own advertising copy. But could you?

The Business of Advertising

The Business of Advertising outlines the practice of the advertising trades, some of the more important restrictions on advertising, and a few of the questions which arise in connexion with the business. First published in 1905.

Instant Advertising

From the international go-to guys in small business know-how: Your source for the strategies, skills and confidence every business owner needs to succeed Remember what it was like learning how to ride a bicycle? Now imagine how it would've been if you'd tried to do it blindfolded. Pretty scary, right? Yet, right now, all over the world, millions of men and women are trying to make a go of running small businesses without a clear picture of where they're going or how to get ahead. No wonder so many small businesses fail in their first year of operation.

Advertising Worldwide: Advertising Conditions in Selected Countries

Each company expanding its activities to foreign countries and advertising its products faces the question of how to do it. The book addresses the following questions: What are the social, cultural or religious features of advertising and advertising practices? Are there any taboos? What legal restrictions do apply? What kind of advertising infrastructure is there? Are there any institutions, federations or boards of advertising? What media are readily available? How are media data collected? What are the methods of gaining advertising data? How can specific target groups be addressed?

Car Magnets Advertising

Take your advertising on the road with you with Car Magnets Advertising. Our Car Magnets Advertising are great for promoting businesses on the go. Be sure to select the right size magnet for your truck or vehicle as our car signs come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all vehicles. Design your custom magnetic signs with our easy to use design tool to get your business on the go today!

Advertising and Public Relations

There were 48,000 advertising and public relations businesses in the United States in 2006, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employing more than 500,000 people, the fields of advertising and public relations are projected to grow by 14 percent through 2016. Together they offer almost unlimited opportunity for talented, creative, and dedicated workers. But they are also known to have intense, high-pressure work atmospheres and are very sensitive to economic ups and downs.

Advertising and Public Relations Law

Addressing a critical need, this second edition of Advertising and Public Relations Law illustrates the variety of issues and ideas that affect the regulation of advertising and public relations speech, including the categorization of different kinds of speech afforded different levels of First Amendment protection; court-created tests for laws and regulations of speech; and non content-based restrictions on speech and expression.

Advertising Research: Theory and Practice

This textbook provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful advertising professionals in the advertising business. "Advertising Research: Theory and Practice" distinguishes itself from other advertising research texts in four ways--breadth, depth, integration and currency. This book has been written and structured with the goals of improving student learning and facilitating the application of newly learned material to actual situations. Coverage is divided into two parts.


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