The New York Festivals: The World's Best Work: International Advertising Awards

Finalists of a global advertising competition are honored in this newest edition of an acclaimed annual that sets standards for excellence in design to inspire ad agencies, graphic designers, and students everywhere. Chosen by the Festivals' Board of Distinguished Judges and Advisors -- a veritable Who's Who of communication leaders from around the world -- the winning entries include print and collateral design for newspapers, magazines, billboards, package design, promotions, and speciality campaigns of many kinds, adding up to a cornucopia of world-class work at its finest.

Buying and Believing: Sri Lankan Advertising and Consumers in a Transnational World

Advertising is a central part of the global system of commerce and culture. Every day it exposes consumers around the world to practices associated with the West, urban life, prosperity, and modernity. One consequence of this exposure is that it frees people's imaginations from time and place, and imposes a new and foreign reality.

This Is Advertising

Advertising has changed. In today's world of multimedia and digital technology, the industry must find ways to build new relationships between brands and their audience, to make each product relevant as well as desirable. No longer is a simple television advertisement enough; brands need to communicate with their audience through all different kind of media. This is Advertising addresses the changes that are occurring within advertising, from the perspective of key figures within the industry.

Web Advertising

This book examines new forms of communication that have emerged through the interactive capabilities of the Internet, in particular online advertising and web advertisements. It develops a new model of online communication, incorporating mass communication and interpersonal communication. Interactive mass communication redefines the roles of online communication partners who are confronted with a higher degree of complexity in terms of hypertextual information units.

The Dynamics of Advertising

The authors suggest that advertisments, while important in our daily emotional self-management, are far more closely linked to the pragmatics of everyday life than their symbolic richness might suggest. Recent trends in advertisment content point to an important shift in our relationship to goods that reflects an increasing preoccupation with risk management.

Advertising by Design

Don't miss the new updated edition of the complete guide to the creative processes behind successful advertising design. The second edition of Advertising by Design has been developed and greatly expanded. Sill the most comprehensive text on creative concept generation and designing for advertising, the book includes a number of features that make it an effective tool for instructors, students, or anyone interested in this field.

Advertising 2.0

Professor and advertising pro Tracy L. Tuten shows old-line marketers how to take advantage of the newfangled concepts and tools Web 2.0 enables.

Pervasive Advertising

This book looks at the future of advertising from the perspective of pervasive computing. Pervasivecomputing encompasses the integration of computers into everyday devices, like the covering ofsurfaces with interactive displays and networked mobile phones. Advertising is the communication ofsponsored messages to inform, convince, and persuade to buy.We believe that our future cities will be digital, giving us instant access to any information we needeverywhere, like at bus stops, on the sidewalk, inside the subway and in shopping malls.

Yard Advertising Signs

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