How Disruption Brought Order: The Story of a Winning Strategy in the World of Advertising

In his previous bestselling books, global advertising icon Jean-Marie Dru explored the visionary, innovative techniques that have become a hallmark of TBWA Worldwide campaigns. Now he gives a first-hand account of how the bold methods of disruption launched TBWA to the forefront of international advertising. Here he shares personal insights and anecdotes about his life in advertising as well as lessons learned, revealing how client campaigns for Nissan, Adidas, and the Apple iPhone became such unqualified successes.

Magnetic Advertising

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Advertising Annual

The premier showcase of print ads from around the world. Arranged into trade categories such as corporate, fashion, food, and sports, the annual features 300 of the best ads produced in the past year. Extensive credits for the creators--all at the top of the advertising business--make it easy to find the best.

Scientific Advertising

The time has come when advertising has in some hands reached the status of a science. It is based on fixed principles and is reasonably exact. The causes and effects have been analyzed until they are well understood. The correct method of procedure have been proved and established. We know what is most effective, and we act on basic law. Advertising, once a gamble, has thus become, under able direction, one of the safest business ventures. Certainly no other enterprise with comparable possibilities need involve so little risk.

Advertising Management

Spanning advertising management, communication, production and promotion, this text looks at the necessary decisions--in the order in which they must be made--involved in the development and execution of an advertising campaign. The "Fifth Edition" has been both updated, to include current research and readings, and improved, to encompass more of the advertising process.

Advertising Cultures

Through its artful engagement with consumers, advertising subtly shapes our everyday worlds. It plays upon powerful emotions - envy, fear, lust and ambition. But the industry itself is far more subtle and complex than many people might assume. Through an innovative mix of business strategy and cultural theory, this pioneering book provides a behind-the-scenes analysis of the link between advertising and larger cultural forces, as well as a rare look into the workings of agencies themselves.How do advertisements endeavour to capture 'real' life?

Custom Outdoor Advertising Sign

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License Plate Advertising

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Advertising and New Media

This comprehensive introduction explores the evolving relationship between new media, advertising and new media consumers. Tracing the shift from 'mass'to 'my' media, Advertising and New Media critically evaluates the social and cultural implications of increased interactivity and consumer creativity for the future of advertising, with examples drawn from the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia and the peoples Republic of China.

Internet Advertising: Theory and Research

Building on the research presented in their previous edition, Advertising and the World Wide Web (1999), editors David W. Schumann and Esther Thorson offer the expertise of active scholars in the area of Internet advertising in this new volume, and allow readers to reflect on the ever-changing nature of the Internet. Internet Advertising marks this important point in history, taking into account the state of practice, theoretical conceptualizations, empirical research, creative typologies, and potential considerations.


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