Community-Built Databases: Research and Development

Wikipedia, Flickr, You Tube, Facebook, LinkedIn are all examples of large community-built databases, although with quite diverse purposes and collaboration patterns. Their usage and dissemination will further grow introducing e.g. new semantics, personalization, or interactive media. Pardede delivers the first comprehensive research reference on community-built databases. The contributions discuss various technical and social aspects of research in and development in areas like in Web science, social networks, and collaborative information systems.

The Facebook Book: A Satirical Companion

"The Facebook Book," by Harvard alums and early Booksters Atwan and Lushing, follows in the fine satirical tradition of "The Official Preppy Handbook" and "The Hipster Handbook," full of anecdotes (true and semi-true), tips (useful and useless), and other insights, including chapters on the Ethics and Etiquette of using the 'Book, what your profile really says about you, and a Facebook dictionary (which defines for the uninitiated terms like "frenemey" and "fauxmance").

Let There Be Facebook: Status Updates from God, Gaga, and Everyone in Between

The recent discovery of the ancient Ethernets has forever altered the way humanity views its past. Among the many amazing findings is a rich trove of Facebook dispatches that date back to the beginning of time itself. Now a selection of these lost Facebook updates is at last available for the world to see Noted historians Brylon K. Tilgh, Ph.D., and Dr.


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