Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects

Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects is a guide to joining the burgeoning world of open web applications. It argues that opening up your application can provide significant benefits and involves you in the entire process--from setting up your application, to creating clients for it, to handling success and all its attendant problems. This book is the essential resource for anyone who wants to make their web application a full participant in the new Internet.

Persuade in a Minute: 10 Steps to Getting Your Way

WANT TO BE MORE PERSUASIVE AND CHARISMATIC? INTERESTED IN LEARNING HOW TO DELIVER A MESSAGE UNDER THE RADAR? These super-quick, easy and effective strategies will get people saying YES in seconds. Whether it's making more authoritative presentations, winning arguments or even using Facebook to get your way, you can start persuading NOW because each technique takes a minute or less.

Learning Facebook Application Development

A step-by-step tutorial for creating custom Facebook applications using the Facebook platform and PHP

Nicht ohne Facebook

Soziale Netzwerke sind aus der Mediennutzung von Millionen Menschen nicht mehr wegzudenken. Dieser noch recht junge Kommunikationskanal birgt insbesondere fr die wirtschaftlich angeschlagenen Printmedien vielversprechende Chancen. Paul Henkel analysiert am Beispiel von Facebook, wie regionale Tageszeitungen soziale Netzwerke fr ihren Erfolg nutzen knnen.

Facebook Me! A Guide to Having Fun with Your Friends and Promoting Your Projects on Facebook

So you've heard about Facebookmaybe your friends have invited you to join or it's the hot topic around the water coolerbut you're not sure what it's all about. Relax and join in. There are more than 110 million members of Facebook these days, and adults are the fastest-growing segment of users. And it's about more than just kid stuff; Facebook can actually be a good business tool as well as a great way to promote creative projects. In Facebook Me!

Who's in Your Orbit?: Beyond Facebook - Creating Relationships That Matter

Have you ever stopped to consider Who, exactly, is in your Orbit? Your Orbit is your personal and professional network. It's the foundation for all you do. If you've ever been in a personal or business crisis, you know that PEOPLE MATTER. The people in your orbit will travel with you to the next level in life, shaping your world, adding to it, and if they're not the right people, detracting from it. In this fast paced technology driven universe, we rarely stop to consider who we are interacting with, developing relationships with, and communicating to.

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