How Google Works

Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg came to Google over a decade ago as proven technology executives. At the time, the company was already well-known for doing things differently, reflecting the visionary--and frequently contrarian--principles of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. If Eric and Jonathan were going to succeed, they realized they would have to relearn everything they thought they knew about management and business.

Developing with Google App Engine

Developing with Google App Engine introduces development with Google App Engine, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure Google itself uses to develop and deploy massively scalable applications. Introduction to concepts Development with App Engine Deployment into App Engine What you'll learn Create processes that are ideal for cloud platforms. Design data for the cloud. Learn what types of applications are ideal for the cloud. Deploy web applications into the cloud. Measure the success and health of the cloud. Who is this book for?

Google Android Ice Cube Tray

Pardon me, waiter, but there is an Android in my drink! Cubes are boring, fill your glass with some miniature robots using this excellent Google Android Ice Cube Tray. This flexible food-grade silicon tray can also be used as a chocolate mold.

Introduction to Google Apps: Productivity Apps

Revolutionary new software applications are constantly emerging onto the market. As part of an academic series written on alternative technology, this text presents key information on Google Applications Productivity and encourages hands-on learning throughout the material.

Black Leather 7" Google Nexus Case

Stylish Leather finish Practical folio cases designed for the Nexus 7 Soft-touch interior lining to protect your screen Magnetic closure with automatic on/off function when the case is opened or closed Built-in stand provides multiple viewing angles Precise cut-outs for access to all controls and ports

Google Search and Tools in a Snap, Adobe Reader

These days, nobody really wants to learn everything there is about a product like Google Tools. And even if you did, who has the time to endlessly tinker and play with it until you figure everything out? You just want a book that will quickly show you how to do things with Google Tools, like perform power searches, find pictures with Google Images,find onlinebargains with Froogle, use theGoogle Toolbar, and discover the world with Google Earth. Google Search and Tools in a Snap does just that.

The Ascent of Media: From Gilgamesh to Google Via Gutenberg

The Ascent of Media tells the whole story of media from its earliest incarnation in the clay tablets of Gilgamesh, through the Gutenberg press, right up to Google and the unfurling world of digital content. The Ascent of Media is a narrative history of the media in its every form, from theatre to posters to video games, and told with a host of fascinating fact and anecdote. Opening up a whole new forum for debate, Parry argues that contemporary media is not, as the doomsayers suggest, in decline, but on the cusp of a new era - one in which it will adapt, evolve and thrive.

Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Battle for the Internet

Apple, Google and Microsoft are locked in a battle to dominate the fastest growing aspect of the internet - mobile. Whoever wins will exert a wide ranging control over user data, access to content and even how we use and interact with computers. "Digital Wars" assesses who will be the victor and what the implications are for business, individuals and society. Accessible and comprehensive, the book looks at past battles, the companies' very different cultures and the way that they inform the products.

Google Cardboard DIY Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for iPhone, Google Nexus 6 & Samsung Mobile Phones

These DIY Google virtual reality glasses, made of cardboard and resin lens, are specially designed for iPhone, Google Nexus 6 & Samsung Mobile Phones. With Cardboard App, its easy to install and operate.

Google Nexus 10 Red Stand Leather Case cover With Pen Holder for Google Nexus 10 Free Shipping By Topgsm

Exclusive design for Google Nexus 10 10.1 tablet Premium PU leather and microfiber interior adds comfort and an additional layer of protection Precise cut-outs with full access to all controls and features Built-in stand with two angles: perfect whenever you type an email or watch a movie Protect and secure your Google Nexus 10 10.1 tablet from shocks, scratches and dust.


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