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It's the American dream--start a company, make a fortune, and retire early. But to become multimillionaires in their twenties, as Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin did, boggles the mind. All they did, after all, is come up with a better way to search for things on the Internet, right? Only in part. No company achieves a market value in the range of $172 billion (in early 2008) based on a single good idea.

The Google Guys

How much do you really know about Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin? The Google Guys skips past the general Google story and focuses on what really drives the company's founders. Richard L. Brandt shows the company as the brainchild of two brilliant individuals and looks at Google's business decisions in light of its founders' ambition and beliefs. Larry is the main strategist, with business acumen and practical drive, while Sergey is the primary technologist and idealist, with brilliant ideas and strong moral positions.

Google Analytics

Knowing how users behave when they visit your website or use your web app matters a lot these days, as well as how they got there in the first place. Google Analytics makes it easy for you to learn precisely what's happening. This practical guide shows you how this powerful and free tool works, and how you can configure it to meet the needs of your business. With "Google Analytics," you'll move far beyond basic features to learn advanced techniques such as event tracking, custom variables, and customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

Google and the Myth of Universal Knowledge

The recent announcement that Google will digitize the holdings of several major libraries sent shock waves through the book industry and academe.

How Google Works

How to hire, manage, motivate, strategize and grow a business in today's disruptive world from Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, and Jonathan Rosenberg, advisor to Google CEO Larry Page.

Google Android Mascot Pillow

Android keeps your head comfy with this Google Android Masoct Pillow! This little green guy hasn't been around for very long, and yet Google's Android mascot caused quite a stir in the market of Awesome Phone Things. If you too had been on pins and needles updates and handsets since his appearance, then maybe this Android pillow is just want you need to hold on to while on the edge of your seat. Plus, how can you say no to that adorable antennaed face? Made from soft fleece with fluffy polyester filling and measures 12-inches square.

Google Ajax Search API

Use the Google Ajax Search API to integrateweb search, image search, localsearch, and other types of search intoyour web site by embedding a simple, dynamicsearch box to display search resultsin your own web pages using a fewlines of JavaScript. For those who do not want to write code,the search wizards and solutions builtwith the Google Ajax Search API generatecode to accomplish common taskslike adding local search results to a GoogleMaps API mashup, adding videosearch thumbnails to your web site, oradding a news reel with the latest up todate stories to your blog.

Google Power Tools Bible

Get the most thorough and comprehensive guide to Google. Expand your world with the dozens of Google tools, applications, and services you'll find in this comprehensive book. Going well beyond the basics of search, this in-depth resource shows you how to access and apply every one of Google's features -- things like Gmail, Google Maps, and SketchUp -- while also explaining how to program Google, become a Froogle merchant, and much more. With thorough coverage, step-by-step instructions, and hundreds of tips and workarounds, you'll find what you need to succeed with Google.


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