Google Apps Script

Learn how to create dynamic web applications with Google Apps Script and take full advantage of your Google-hosted services. If you have basic coding skills and some JavaScript experience, this practical book shows you how Apps Script works, and provides step-by-step guidance for building applications you can use right away. Apps Script is handy for automating Google Apps tasks, but it also serves as a complete application platform. With this book, you'll learn how to build, store, run, and share data-driven web apps right on Google Drive.

Google Sketchup 7 [With CDROM]

Real World Google SketchUp 7 is aimed at serious amateur and professional SketchUp users who have the basics down and want to take their skills to the next level. With a task-based approach, this book focuses on advanced professional workflow practices. It cuts to the chase and covers the stuff that saves time and eliminates frustration, giving readers the tools to make their time spent in SketchUp more effective and more profitable. The book features graphically rich content with full color throughout and plenty of screen shots that illustrate techniques.

Beginning Google Maps API 3

This book is about the next generation of the Google Maps API. It will provide the reader with the skills and knowledge necessary to incorporate Google Maps v3 on web pages in both desktop and mobile browsers. It also describes how to deal with common problems that most map developers encounter at some point, like performance and usability issues with having too many markers and possible solutions to that.

Building Research Tools with Google For Dummies

Google—a funny name for a fabulous tool. You’ve already used it to look up all sorts of information on the Web almost instantly. Now what if you could use its amazing abilities to turbo-charge your research on a grand scale? Building Research Tools With Google For Dummies can help you do just that.

Mini Carino Google Android Robot Doll (Verde)

Si tratta di una mini bambola sveglia del robot di Google Android con movimento braccia e girare la testa.

Sams Teach Yourself Google AdWords in 10 Minutes

Sams Teach Yourself Google AdWords in 10 Minutes gives you straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. By working through its 10-minute lessons, you'll learn everything you need to use Google AdWords to find more customers, sell more of your products and services, and earn higher profits at lower cost!

The Great Global Puzzle Challenge with Google Earth

Discover the many wonders of the world in this amazing illustrated tour of some of the most interesting places on Earth. Each spread focuses on one destination, and the amazingly intricate artwork gives readers a visual flavour of the place, with masses to look at and discover the more you look. There are links from one place to the next - historical, geographical, natural history or just simple proximity - for example, there is an ancient Egyptian obelisk in NY's central park, with two sister obelisks in Paris and London.

Beginning Google Maps Applications with PHP and Ajax

"Google Maps Application Development" deals with computers/software.

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