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Geografische Informationen findet man immer hufiger im Web, z.B. bei Anfahrtsskizzen oder thematischen Karten. Wie man solche Karten frs Web mit Google Maps erstellt, das zeigt dieses Buch anhand zahlreicher Beispiele. Sie lernen z.B., wie Sie die Radtour vom letzten Wochenende oder die Anfahrtskizze zu einer Sehenswrdigkeit auf Google Maps prsentieren und diese Informationen mit Texten, Grafiken und Fotos anreichern. Auerdem lernen Sie, Karten in die eigene Website zu integrieren und mit der Google-Maps-Programmierschnittstelle um eigene Funktionen zu erweitern.

Google Books: Google Book Search and Its Critics

The recent work of Google in text indexing and in large scale scanning is of such magnitude and of such far reaching influence in all parts of education, that serious efforts to contextualize this commercial enterprise in academic terms must be done. Dr. Batke's "GOOGLE BOOKS: Google Book Search and its Critics" would like to start the discussion by reviewing some influential essays on the subject and attempting to remove some obvious misconceptions that inhibit the discussion.

Google Apps Script for Beginners

This book is a simple step-by-step, example-oriented guide with a focus on providing the practical skills necessary to develop and customize apps with Apps Script.If you are an application developer with no knowledge of App Script, and would like to learn to build apps using Google Apps script from scratch, then this book is for you. Basic JavaScript knowledge is required.

Never Google Heartbreak

A refreshingly honest, achingly funny read for fans of Bridesmaids, Caitlin Moran, and Pinot Grigio. When her fiance Rob breaks off their engagement for the third time, Viv does what any girl would do - she Googles heartbreak. Confronted by tales of misery, she decides to set-up her own self-help website for the broken-hearted. But as Viv passes through the three essential stages of grief (denial, vodka, disastrous haircut), she becomes determined that it's not too late to try and get Rob back.

Google Search Secrets

Burns and Sauers reveal the secrets of effective Google searches in this invaluable resource showing how to get the most out of the service.

Google Apps Administrator Guide

With Google Apps, you and your colleagues or friends can check email, schedule meetings, chat in real time, collaborate on documents, and more. You can create your own personalized web and email addresses, and get loads of free storage. You can connect with others and access your documents 24/7, no matter where you are. Best of all, itas all hosted by Googleayou get the same bandwidth, service, and machines that Google provides its staff and other online clients, and thereas no hardware or software for you to install or maintain.

Google Adsense for Dummies

You can get paid for online ad placement with Google AdSense If you've ever considered using AdSense to improve revenue for your Web site, "Google" "AdSense For Dummies" will get you started. It's loaded with tips to help you implement a successful AdSense program. AdSense lets you generate income with ad placement on blogs and Web sites.

Google SketchUp: The Missing Manual

If you want to learn to create 3-D models using Google SketchUp, this Missing Manual is the ideal place to start. Filled with step-by-step tutorials, this entertaining, reader-friendly guide will have you creating detailed 3-D objects, including building plans, furniture, landscaping plans -- even characters for computer games -- in no time. Google SketchUp: The Missing Manual offers a hands-on tour of the program, with crystal-clear instructions for using every feature and lots of real-world examples to help you pick up the practical skills you need.

DK/Google E.guides: Ancient Rome

The book that's online - with a dedicated website and all the latest links All the latest information at your fingertips! DK/Google E.guides: Ancient Rome is a unique combination of a book and a website, created with Google, the world's most popular search engine. Use the book to read all about ancient Rome, then go online to the safe and secure website to discover more. Go back in time to the Roman Empire. From blood-thirsty gladiatorial contests to thrilling chariot races, find out what life was really like for Romans and the people they conquered.


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