Fashion Marketing

‘Clothing that is not purchased or worn is not fashion’ (to paraphrase Armani) Knowledge of marketing is essential to help ensure success and reduce the risk of failure in fashion.

International Marketing

INTERNATIONAL MARKETING is an ideal resource for anyone seeking success in the business world It combines the basics of marketing with the realities of the global marketplace and provides industry-specific examples (international economics, promotion, technology, and professional sales) that will prepare you to conquer any challenge that you may encounter.

Essentials of Marketing

Formerly Marketing Frontiers: An Introduction to Marketing, this new edition introduces the challenges of marketing and an in-depth examination of those marketing management skills essential for handling the problems of a company in a complex economic, political, technological, and socio-cultural environment. Students -- adopting the stance of marketing consultants -- will solve a broad range of marketing problems, including consumer and industrial marketing problems, social marketing problems, as well as specific and general local and global marketing problems.

Kotler On Marketing

Since 1969, Philip Kotler's marketing text books have been read as the marketing gospel, as he has provided incisive and valuable advice on how to create, win and dominate markets. In KOTLER ON MARKETING, he has combined the expertise of his bestselling textbooks and world renowned seminars into this practical all-in-one book, covering everything there is to know about marketing. In a clear, straightforward style, Kotler covers every area of marketing from assessing what customers want and need in order to build brand equity, to creating loyal long-term customers.

Marketing Information

Marketing Information: A Strategic Guide for Business and Finance Libraries identifies and describes secondary published sources of information for typical marketing questions and research projects. This extensive guide serves as a strategic bibliographycovering over 200 printed books and serials, subscription databases, and free Web sitesand reveals practical tips and techniques for using these sources. Experts in the field offer a guided tour of the signposts and landmarks in the world of marketing informationhighlighting the most important features.

Marketing and Football

Football is arguably one of the most important sports in the world, and the marketing of football has become an increasingly important issue, as clubs and product owners need to generate more revenue from the sport. In a wider context, football marketing has also become a benchmarking standard for other sports to learn from worldwide. The practices and processes of such an established industry are important lessons for those sports which are yet to maximise on their potential earnings, and provide interesting lessons in sports marketing in general.

Global Marketing

The new edition of the popular "Global Marketing" draws students into the excitement, challenges, and controversies of global marketing. The paperback, two-color format gives readers the flexibility to choose a book that is economical as well as interesting. Each chapter features vignettes and discussion cases featuring high-profile, real-world companies and products; examples from the trade press to illustrate key terms and issues; topical and timely boxed features; and concise summaries of the latest research findings published in scholarly journals.

Marketing Research

Teach students the power of marketing with effective research strategies This step-by-step textbook shows students how to design, conduct, and interpret market research. Marketing Research: Text and Cases covers the full range of this topic from the difference between strategic and tactical decisions to choosing the proper research design and on to advice on successfully presenting results. Marketing Research provides clear explanations of complex issues, including the interpretation of statistics.

Diversity-Orientiertes Marketing - Gay Marketing

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2008 im Fachbereich Wirtschaft - Marketing, Unternehmenskommunikation, CRM, Marktforschung, Note: 1,3, Georg-August-Universit t G ttingen (Unternehmensf hrung), Veranstaltung: Diversity Management, 19 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Angesichts der fortschreitenden europ ischen Integration und der wirtschaftlichenGlobalisierung nimmt auch die menschliche Vielfalt der Gesellschaft stetig zu.

Marketing Message Pen

Click to see 6 different messages through windows on two sides of pen.Messages include: Results-Oriented, On-Time Delivery, Impeccable Service, Better Ideas - Better Branding, Creative Products, Partnership For Success.Ballpoint. Refillable black ink. Perfect for self promotions.


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