Marketing Mix

Handbook of Pricing Research in Marketing

Pricing is an essential aspect of the marketing mix for brands and products. This book covers the various developments and concepts as applied to tackling pricing problems. It is suitable for academics and doctoral students in marketing and applied economics, as well as pricing-focused business practitioners and consultants.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is a text and casebook that discusses the concepts and processes for gaining the competitive advantage in the marketplace. The author examines many components of a market-driven strategy, including technology, customer service, customer relationships, pricing, and the global economy. The text provides a strategic perspective and extends beyond the traditional focus on managing the marketing mix. The cases demonstrate how real companies build and implement effective strategies.

Fundamentals of Corporate Communications

The Fundamentals of Corporate Communications gives professionals and students in marketing a comprehensive and incisive overview of what modern corporate communications is, and what it can achieve. The author has drawn on extensive business experience in the area and wide ranging research in major corporations to produce an authoritative account of best practice - backed by numerous cases and examples. The book demonstrates how corporate communications affects today's marketing mix and explains how it can support wider marketing objectives.

Hospitality Marketing: Principles and Practice

Hospitality Marketing: an introduction takes a unique approach to outlining marketing processes in the hospitality industry. Ideal for those new to the topic of marketing, this text contextualises the subject for the hospitality sector.

Relationships, Networks and Interactions in Food and Agriculture Business-to-Business Marketing and Purchasing

The study of relationships, networks, and interactions in food and agriculture business-to-business marketing and purchasing is an important endeavor. From having been concerned with getting the ‘marketing mix’ right, the food and agriculture setting has experienced significant changes over the past decades. Traditionally, marketing focused on attracting new customers in a broad market, or a specific segment, against a background of unfulfilled demand, thereby satisfying growing demand by using marketing techniques, portfolio analysis, and production means.

Marketingstrategie fr China

Die Volksrepublik China hat in den vergangenen Jahren einen rasanten politischen und wirtschaftlichen Aufstieg vollzogen und wird von vielen auenstehenden Betrachtern als erwachender Riese wahrgenommen, der in dieser Kombination sowohl groe Bewunderung als auch tiefe Skepsis verbreitet. Das Land ist nicht nur der grte, sondern auch der wachstumsstrkste Markt in der asiatisch-pazifischen Region und hat innerhalb der letzten 25 Jahre erstaunliche Transformations- und Entwicklungsprozesse durchlebt.

Optimiertes Management im Sportsponsoring: Die Auswahl des passenden Sponsorships als Instrument der Markenkommunikation

Wir werden keinesfalls diese skandalse Schleichwerbung untersttzen!" Dieser prgnante Satz beschreibt eine Sichtweise zum Thema Sponsoring in seiner Anfangszeit, so gefallen 1968 beim Formel 1 Grand Prix von Spanien. Zum ersten Mal tauchte eine Firma mit ihrem Logo auf einem Rennwagen auf, welche nicht unmittelbar mit dem Rennsport verbunden war - Sponsoring. Als Reaktion stellten die beiden Fernsehsender ARD und ZDF fr den Rest der Saison, unter Ausspruch des oben genannten Zitates, die bertragung von Formel 1-Rennen ein.

Marketing Management: Text and Cases

This is a Harvard casebook that is appropriate for the rigorous end of the spectrum in Marketing Management courses. The overall framework of this text is clean and easy to follow, focusing more on strategy in covering the marketing process and less on research and implementation. This makes the discussion of the marketing mix much more coherent for professors to teach and students to learn.

How To Become A Marketing Superstar

The idea of marketing is simple. The doing of marketing is hard. It is the marketer's job to generate revenue, to ring the cash register. Recent studies show that at least 90% of ads are not read or are unintelligible. Money is squandered because of weak messages, cluttered images and poor creative strategy. In addition, selling is one of the least efficient and effective parts of the marketing mix - 95% of all salespeople never ask for the order.

Building Routes to Customers: Proven Strategies for Profitable Growth

Building Routes to Customers explains the powerful "Routes-to-Market" approach for driving profitable growth. World-class organizations including IBM, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Hitachi, Adobe and Plantronics, and hundreds of smaller companies, have adopted RTM to develop and execute highly successful go-to-market strategies and tactics.


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