Marketing Mix

Building Routes to Customers

Explains the powerful 'Routes-to-Market' approach for driving profitable growth. This book shows how you can use RTM to determine the optimal level of spending for each function in marketing, sales and customer service, for each market segment, product and service; and optimize your marketing mix and sales and distribution channels.

In Search of a New Logic for Marketing: Foundations of Contemporary Theory

The book features 9 previously published journal articles written by Christian Gronroos between 1979 to date. Four of the articles will be on service marketing and four on relationship marketing, which emphasize his knowledge and expertise in the field of service, and relationship marketing during the last 27 years. The articles build to form a clear picture of the continuous development of the field, leading to a synthesis article and a comprehensive concluding chapter.

Relationship Marketing: Bringing Quality, Customer Service and Marketing Together

The strategic emphasis in Relationship Marketing is as much on keeping customers as it is on getting them in the first place. The aim is to provide unique value in chosen markets, sustainable over time, which brings the customers back for more. Relationship Marketing emphasizes quality, customer service and marketing and how these can be managed towards closing the quality gap' between what customers expect and what they get.

Cause Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing's time has come. Consumers are demanding greater accountability and responsibility from corporations. In an environment where price and quality are increasingly equal; where reputation and standing for something beyond the functional benefits of a product or service is all, brands are constantly competing for customer loyalty and consumer attention. 'Cause Related Marketing' is one of the most exciting areas in marketing today which benefits both business and society.


Events sind Veranstaltungen mit Erlebnischarakter. Zum Eventmanagement gehrt die Frage, was ein Event auszeichnet, wie man eine Veranstaltung in den Augen der Besucher einzigartig macht und wie man ein solches Event in der Praxis umsetzt. Das Buch fhrt in die Grundlagen des Eventmanagements mit seinen Aufgabengebieten von der strategischen Planung bis zur operativen Durchfhrung und Steuerung ein. 14 ausgearbeitete Beispiele aus der Praxis und 72 Checklisten und Formblttern ermglichen eine sichere Planung und Organisation.

Great Store Performance: From Illusion to Reality

For some retail leaders, intense competition and changing shopping patterns have created a radical rethinking of strategic focus. This has resulted in a fundamental shift from the traditional emphasis on the 4-Ps of the "marketing-mix" (product, price, promotion, place) to a focus instead on the overall shopping experience. This emerging shift has, in turn, places "good to great" performance as the governing vision and cornerstone of market advantage.

Price Confusion: Verwirrender Preisaktionismus im Einzelhandel

Hauptbeschreibung "20% auf alles - auer Tiernahrung", "24 Monatsraten zu 99?, keine Anzahlung", "Nur diese Woche: 3 zum Preis von 2". Preisaktionen dieser Art finden sich heutzutage in nahezu allen Bereichen des Einzelhandels. Unternehmen versuchen damit, die Aufmerksamkeit und das Interesse der Konsumenten zu wecken und sie zum Kauf der eigenen Produkte zu beeinflussen. Doch erreichen Unternehmen durch die Ausweitung ihrer Preisaktionen die Konsumenten auch wirklich besser?

Marketing Public Transit: A Strategic Approach

Marketing Public Transit provides managers with a decision-making framework for planning, designing, and promoting public transportation--particularly in a time of limited resources. By using the proper "marketing mix"--of service, price, communication with customers and distribution--the appropriate solution to the diversity of problems facing the nation's mass transit systems can be better achieved.

How to Make Money Marketing Your iPad & iPhone Apps

The expert guide to marketing your iPhone/iPad app cost-effectively and profitably! There are so many ways to promote an iPhone/iPad app. What really works and what doesn't? How can a developer create the right marketing mix? Developers usually have limited marketing resources. They need to capitalize on the activities most likely to build their brand and jumpstart sales in a very competitive space

Marketing Tourism Destinations: A Strategic Planning Approach

The global significance of tourism as an economic, environmental, and social force has never been greater. Modern methods of transportation enable growing numbers of people to travel to almost any area of the world; in the developed world, travel is now regarded as a right, rather than a privilege. Based on proven marketing principles, Marketing Tourism Destinations defines tourism and its "product" and examines the nature of tourist businesses, with an emphasis on planning for tourism development.


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