Marketing Plan

The One Week Marketing Plan

We're told marketing is hard. That it requires months of analysis, weeks of brainstorming, and years of consistent implementation. To succeed in marketing, you need the fortitude of General Patton, the genius of Don Draper, and the cash reserves of Warren Buffet. WRONG. One week. That's all it takes for most small and medium-sized businesses to dramatically improve their marketing. And let's face it, most business owners do very little marketing, and what they do is not particularly effective.

The 1-Day Marketing Plan: Organizing and Completing the

Identify opportunities and create a thoughtful, "real world" marketing plan that will help your business grow. Hiebing and Cooper break down the planning process into 10 basic, but critical steps that provide the means to organize and complete a plan that will help you attain your marketing objectives. Extensive worksheets, model formats, and time-saving tips and methods are readily adaptable to your own marketing plans.

Marketing for Financial Advisors: Build Your Business by Establishing Your Brand, Knowing Your Clients and Creating a Marketing Plan

To financial advisors who ask, Who has the time and money for marketing? the authors have an important piece of advice: Treat your practice like a small business, or you will be put out of business. In an economy in flux, prospective clients are hesitant to put their financial future in the hands of just anyone. This is where Marketing for Financial Advisors comes in. The definitive marketing book designed specifically for financial advisors, it provides all the basic marketing skills you need to attract high-net-worth clients quicker and in greater numbers than ever.

Ballpoint Light Up Apple Pen

An apple a day keeps the cavities at bay! What an excellent way to light up your marketing plan. Also great for teachers and healthy eaters. Your clients will love this ballpoint pen gift! Twist to turn on/off.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.

Ballpoint Light Up Earth Pen

What an excellent way to light up your marketing plan. Customize this earth globe light up ballpoint pen with your logo for the perfect promotional product giveaway. Your clients will love this gift! Twist to turn on/off.Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.

Pop Top Eyeball Pen

Your company's marketing plan will "pop" with success with this pop top eyeball ballpoint pen as your promotional giveaway. Customized with your company's information your clients will constantly see your logo. The Tops pop off! Products are not intended for use by children or pets. They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.

The Coffee Boys' Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Managing Your Own Coffee Bar

This is an entertaining but highly practical guide from the successful "Coffee Boys" authors that will enable you to open a coffee bar or sandwich bar that actually lasts and makes money. It presents a distillation of experience of the many dozens of coffee and sandwich businesses they have opened both personally and for clients. This work reveals and is based on the Great Formula (see six steps of contents) created by the authors within their own businesses and their consulting practice.

The Little Blue Book of Marketing

A step-by-step guide to creating an actionable marketing plan-fast A great marketing plan identifies where an organization is, where it wants to be, and how it will get there. Most companies think they already have such a plan-but often they really have only a budget, a sales goal, or an excuse. What's the solution? According to Paul Kurnit and Steve Lance, it's not about copying someone else's cookie-cutter plan, or retreading your own plan from years past.

The Reluctant Cinderella

Plain Jane Megan Schumacher was the most dependable person on Danbury Way, the sleek suburban cul-de-sac where she lived over her sister's garage. Certainly not the kind of girl who would rock anyone's boatuntil she fell for the (barely) ex-husband of her best friend and neighbor! Greg Banning planned to hire Megan to redo his marketing plan, but he counted the minutes until each of their meetings. As their romance heated up, Greg realized she was everything he wanted in a woman, and his thoughts began straying to marriage.

Sex, Murder and a Double Latte

- Sex, Murder & A Double Latte is a surefire summer hit - This story has all the elements of a great chick-lit story (humor, pop culture and a lovable heroine) coupled with a solid and unique mystery plot. - Sophie Katz is a dynamic, appealing and urban heroine, and she will appear in two follow-up stories. Readers will love her - Kyra Davis has also created memorable secondary characters readers can look forward to revisiting in Kyra's follow-up Sophie Katz story. - Sex, Murder & A Double Latte will be supported with an extensive marketing plan.


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