Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies for Services

What are the trends affecting the marketing of services? How is the current tendency towards customer orientation, globalization, deregulation and technological change determining the ways in which leading service firms conduct their marketing activities? Why is cross-sector fertilization particularly useful for services, and what type of strategic response is most likely to shape business success of service firms in the future? These are some of the questions addressed in this collective volume by academics and practitioners working with and within the service sector.

Marketing Convergence: How the Leading Companies Are Profiting from Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

With the exponential growth of the Internet in the past few years, this tool has become a powerful venue for marketing products to consumers. This book is engineered for professionals looking to gain a better understanding of the integration of technologies and marketing strategies. By understanding the key elements of converging various marketing channels and strategies, professionals will be well on the way to marketing success.

Entrepreneurial Management in Small Firms

Written by a leading light on the topic, this text examines the processes by which small businesses identify new opportunities, evolve appropriate marketing strategies, develop new products and services and launch these into the market.

International Place Branding Yearbook: Place Branding in the New Age of Innovation

"The Place Branding Yearbook 2010" examines the case for applying brand and marketing strategies and tactics to the economic, social, political and cultural development of places such as communities, villages, towns, cities, regions, countries, academic institutions and other locations to help them compete in the global, national and local markets.

Learning from Leaders in Asia: The Lessons of Experience

"Leadership Experiences in Asia was" was a collection of writings based on first-hand experiences in Asia by graduates of the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program and the Kellogg School of Management.

The Mouse that Roared

This expanded and revised edition of Henry Giroux's highly acclaimed book explores and updates the cultural politics of the Walt Disney Company and how its ever-expanding list of products, services, and media function as teaching machines that shape children's culture into a largely commercial endeavor.

Wettbewerbs- und Werberecht

Media law as a regulatory framework also includes provisions regarding a company's marketing strategies in order to ensure that media products are profitably sold in an arena of fair competition. The third volume contains contributions which consider companies' relationships with one another in regard to media products. In addition to questions regarding media concentration in the areas of music, press and broadcasting, the fields of copyright law, competition law, trademark law as well as domain law are taken into consideration.

Boomer Marketing

Baby boomers (consumers in the 50+ age bracket) are the wealthiest, fastest growing consumer group in the world. Despite this, the vast majority of marketing spend is focused on much younger people. Recessions always dampen consumer spending, but in the 21 st century's first recession, the decline in spending among the younger age group has been amplified by excessive borrowing and collapsing house prices. More so than ever before, the current global recession highlights the need for firms to revise their marketing strategies and practices in order to remain competitive.

Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media: New Strategies in Marketing Theory, Practice, Trends and Ethics

This book examines product placement, related media marketing strategies, and their impacts upon consumers. The contributors are national experts in a variety of mass media specialties, who address product placement in terms of historical context, Hollywood, brand synergy and brand identity, and legal/ethical issues.

Handbook for the College Admissions Profession

Through expert essays, this handbook covers all aspects of the admissions process, from a historical overview to a guide to future trends. Both new and experienced admissions officers and educational administrators will find here essential tools for successfully recruiting and enrolling a desirable mix of students for their institutions. This handbook has been prepared by the foremost leaders in the college admissions profession under the auspices of the American Association of Registrars and Admissions Officers.


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