Marketing Strategies

The Manager's Guide to Competitive Marketing Strategies, Second Edition

The ability to think strategically is permeating every level of successful organizations - particularly among senior executives and line managers responsible for maintaining a competitive advantage for their products and services. Above all, Manager's Guide to Creative Marketing Strategies is a pragmatic examination of a 21st century manager. The second edition of this popular book will update you on the latest techniques for developing competitive strategies.

Marketing Skills

In this Marketing Skills Rapid Skill Builder booklet we look at the critical processes in a successful marketing campaign and the skills we need to better develop and execute our marketing strategies.

International Place Branding Yearbook 2011

The second annual volume of the International Place Branding Yearbook; this collection looks at the case for applying brand and marketing strategies andto the economic, social, political and cultural development of cities, towns and regions around the world to help them compete in the global, national and local markets.

Marketing Through Turbulent Times

At some time in the future the recession will end. But what will happen then? How will customers respond to organizations that mistreated them in the past? What can organizations do now? "Marketing Through Turbulent Times" addresses these questions by tying together four themes: democracy, economic recession, individual depression and customer-centred strategies.

Effective Small Business Management: A Entrepreneurial Approach

Exceptionally practical, this best-selling manual teaches budding entrepreneurs the " hands-on" tools and techniques for launching and managing a small business the "right way" -- and to imbue it with the staying power necessary to succeed and grow in the hotly competitive environment of the 21st century.

How to Get Into the Top Law Schools

The most authoritative guide for law students-now revised and updated. Richard Montauk, an administrations insider and lawyer, demystifies the law school application process and provides the tools to ace every step along the way. Based on (and including) exclusive interviews with admissions officers, Montauk delivers a candid view of what leading law schools look for in an applicant. He also gives applicants solid advice on developing marketing strategies, writing winning essays, maximizing financial aid, and updating credentials to better match that ideal profile.

Global Wine Tourism: Research, Management and Marketing

Wine regions are attracting increasing numbers of tourists through tours, wine festivals and winery, restaurant and cellar door experiences. Presenting applied research in wine tourism from Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand this book reviews the latest management and marketing strategies. It highlights the lessons learnt for wine and tourism industries and concludes by examining the future of the wine tourism industry.


Lauffer's 1977 bestseller has been revised in order to place emphasis on the need to understand your own organization, your clients and your funding options throughout the grant-getting process. Via a series of checklists, vignettes and exercises, the author leads the reader through various marketing strategies to the actual writing of a grant proposal, casting of budgets, and alternatives if the grant is not given. Readable, concise, instructive and practical, Grantsmanship is an invaluable aid to funding in the eighties.

Marketing Management: Knowledge and Skills

"Marketing Management," 8/e, by Peter and Donnelly, serves as an overview for critical issues in marketing management. The text strives to enhance knowledge of marketing management and advance student skills so they can develop and maintain successful marketing strategies.

Reshaping European Gas and Electricity Industries

Reshaping of European Gas and Electricity Industries analyses the key issues facing the European energy industry, from a regulatory, market, and business perspective. Current challenges within the field are also reviewed, including competitive and environmental issues. * Liberalization: Delivers timely insights into the changes facing the European energy industry in the face of deregulation. * Competition: A direct look at business and marketing strategies in response to the influx of competition from across the globe.


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