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Social Media

That rarest of academic creations: a truly, unabashedly critical textbook on a timely and important topic for contemporary media studies. If you want your students to think about issues of power and social justice... and if you want an alternative to the anodyne and borderline fan-like writing that has become the stuff of new media texts, this is the book for you." - Mark Andrejevic , University of Queensland

Praxishandbuch Rechtsfragen Social Media

Not only in the private sphere but also in the world of business, social media have become an integral element in internal and external communication. Social media are evolving and being transformed into services, products, and organizational structures. This work examines all of the common contemporary legal issues related to social media.

The Social Media President

The proliferation of social media has altered the way that people interact with each other - leveling the channels of communication to allow an individual to be "friends" with a sitting president. In a world where a citizen can message Barack Obama directly, this book addresses the new channels of communication in politics, and what they offer.

Tourism Social Media

This volume addresses the transformative power of tourism social media and offers novel theoretical and methodological approaches to its academic investigation. Acknowledging the collective value creation mechanisms of new media, the authors explore how technology nurtures, augments and modifies social or commercial interactions in tourism.

Conversations with Visitors: Social Media and Museums

"Social media is changing the workings of our museums. Our hierarchical structure has historically disseminated information from our experts to our visitors. The envisioned twenty-first century model, however, is more level. Instead of a one-way presentation, online visitors are often interested in having a conversation with our curators and content providers. And many of us are joining our traditional experts in representing our institutions in these conversations.

Technology, Information Systems and Collaboration: Social Media and Beyond

Social media is becoming increasingly important. This e-book presents a comprehensive picture of the recent developments in social media research as well as future challenges and provide insight to the domains where researchers are seeking to advance knowledge about social media.

Public Interest and Private Rights in Social Media

Social media has an increasing role in the public and private world. This raises socio-political and legal issues in the corporate and academic spheres. Public Interest and Private Rights in Social Media provides insight into the use, impact and future of social media. The contributors provide guidance on social media and society, particularly the use of social media in the corporate sector and academia, the rising influence of social media in public and political opinion making, and the legal implications of social media.

Plunkett's Games, Apps & Social Media Industry Almanac 2014

Everything you need to know about the business of games, apps and social media—a powerful tool for market research, strategic planning, competitive intelligence or employment searches. Includes trends analysis, software, design, statistics, markets, technologies, contacts, and profiles of more than 200 leading companies, containing addresses, phone numbers and executives.

Social Nation: How to Harness the Power of Social Media to Attract Customers, Motivate Employees, and Grow Your Business

It's time to join the Social Nation and prosper "The Rise of the Social Nation" captures the burgeoning transformation in how we communicate, collaborate and interact-and how organizations can embrace this transformation. This book will show you, as an employee or customer, how to use new social technologies, make yourself heard, and make a difference for your company, including new products and better services. As a leader and manager, you'll find out how to use these tools to harness social interactions to improve your business.

Connecting Organizational Silos

Practical guidance on how to successfully introduce enterprise social networks to connect employees While there are a fast growing number of books around social media and enterprise 2.0, the focus is often on the technical tools. Connecting Organizational Silos approaches social media and enterprise 2.0 from a knowledge flow management perspective. It offers practical and specific guidance on what to do and what not to do when introducing social media in an organization.


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