Social Networking

Social Networking for Business Success

From the author of Social Networking for Career Success and 100 Conversations for Career Success, this guide helps those wanting to leverage online tools to create opportunities. As the economy struggles, professionals are turning online to nurture business ideas. With thousands of "get rich quick" schemes available, it's confusing for the uninitiated to choose a path to online business success. This book, filled with expert sources, will help Internet users and non-users, alike.

ASP.NET 4 Social Networking

A truly hands-on book for ASP.NET 4 Developers

The Networked Library: A Guide for the Educational Use of Social Networking Sites

The lesson plans in this book enable educators to easily incorporate networking technologies into the classroomnot just a fun enrichment activity, but one that is selective and intentional to teach the required standards.

The e-HR Advantage

From social-networking and e-recruiting, to technology support for management, this book examines the avenues of HR on the digital front

1001 Easy Italian Phrases

Tourists, business travelers, and students will appreciate this easy-to-use phrase book. Completely up to date with terms for everything from technology to current slang, it features words, phrases, and sentences for cell phones, computers, and social networking; travel and transportation; shopping; dining; medical and emergency situations; and more. Includes sections on grammar and pronunciation.

A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing and the Internet

KEY BENEFIT: Baase explores timely social, legal, philosophical, ethical, political, constitutional and economic implications of computing from a computer scientist's perspective. KEY TOPICS: Coverage of the issues readers face both as members of a technological society and as professionals in computer-related fields. Adds new information on phenomena such as the growth of amateur work on the Web, blogs, video sharing, collaborative works (such as Wikipedia), and social networking.

Raising Generation Tech: Preparing Your Children for a Media-Fueled World

Today's children are bombarded by technology. TV shows, gadgets, video games, social networking sites, advertisements, and cell phones too often provide negative influences and poor role models. In Unplugged Parenting, psychologist Jim Taylor explores how technology impacts children's values, thinking and decision making, and relationships. Rather than suggesting parents eliminate technology from children's lives, Dr. Taylor outlines realistic steps they can take to provide their children with a healthy balance of technology and strong values.

MIS Essentials

This brief text shows readers how businesses use-and need-information systems to accomplish their goals, objectives, and competitive strategy.

Teenagers and Technology

The popular media often presents a negative picture of young people and technology. From addiction to gaming, the distractions of the Internet, to the risks of social networking, the downsides of new technology in the lives of teenagers are often over-blown. Teenagers and Technology presents a balanced picture of the part played by technology in the lives of young people.

The Emotions and Cultural Analysis

Amidst prevailing debates that construe rationality and emotionality as polar opposites, this book explores the manner in which emotions shape not only prevailing conceptions of rationality, but also culture in general terms, making room for us to speak of an 'emotional culture' specific to late-modern societies.


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