The Twitter Workbook

What is Twitter? How do you use it? Why should you use it? Who is using it and for what? Have these questions and many others answered by "The Twitter Workbook." Step-by-step instructions and relevant case studies will take you into this interactive phenomenon. Includes: Nine Case Studies on the best way to use Twitter Thirteen samples of how to use Twitter Thirty suggested subjects to Tweet about One hundred Tweeps to connect to How to brand, market, and sell with Twitter How to use Twitter for personal and professional communication

Epigenetics in the Age of Twitter

Pop culture meets cutting-edge science in this one-volume introduction to the history of science and modern biology.

Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To

An easy-to-follow step-by-step presentation which will get you started with Twitter Bootstrap. Practical examples will help you to get set up quickly and easily. This guide is for new, novice, and intermediate developers alike. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required although this book will help beginners find their feet with both more easily. Those experienced with HTML and CSS will quickly learn the beautiful and efficient ways of Bootstrap.

Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution: Communication, Connections, and Immediacy--140 Characters at a Time

Twitter and other micro-messaging services are catching fire as people realize these lightweight applications can be powerful tools to communicate, connect, and learn. With its potent mix of simplicity, utility, mobility, and sheer human appeal, micro-messaging is poised to become a major communications platform.

Varg in Love

Alexander McCall Smith's Scandanavian sleuth Ulf Varg makes his eBook debut in a Valentine's Day puzzle for the super-cool detective with the cult following on Twitter.

Sexy Off Shoulder Mermaid Wedding Dresses 2014 See Through Abdomen Long Sleeve Lace Bridal Gowns Sweep Train

This dress was recommended by foreigners through twitter,the tight bodice overlay lace with sheer long sleeve,and the sexy abdomen part is shared by many may like this item ,too. Choose colors and sizes from our Charts please:)


From comedian and writer (Parks and Recreation, Eastbound & Down) Harris Wittels comes a hysterical breakdown of boasts, brags, and self-adulation disguised as humble comments and complaints-based on his popular @humblebrag Twitter feed. Something immediately annoyed Harris Wittels about Twitter. All of a sudden it was acceptable to brag, so long as those brags were ever-so-thinly disguised as transparent humility, such as: "Just filed my taxes.


BEAUTY is a beautifully illustrated re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty story which takes all the elements of the classic fairytale that we love (the handsome prince, the ancient curse, the sleeping girl and, of course, the haunting castle) and puts a modern spin on the characters, their motives and their desires. It's fun, contemporary, sexy, and perfect for fans of ONCE UPON A TIME, GRIMM, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and more.

The Twits: Real Celebrities. Real Tweets. Real Funny.

They're rich. They're famous. And they're tweeting. It seems like every day a celebrity has a Twitter scandal. Add to that the unbridled craziness of some tweeting celebrities (thank you, Charlie Sheen) as well as the genuine comic genius of others, and you have access to celebrities like never before: -"When meeting royalty, it is very important, no matter how excited you are, not to vomit on them. Instead, vomit on the nearest commoner." -Stephen Colbert "STEVE MARTIN IS REALLY OILED AND BUFF.


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